Capture Digital and Paper Documents

Capture and organize your data digitally with drag & drop e-forms. Plus, digitize paper documents via scanning and mobile devices with integrated OCR/ICR capabilities.

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  • Use our web-based drag & drop e-form builder.
  • Publish e-forms to intranet or internet sites.
  • Automatically convert existing PDFs into fillable web forms.
  • Complete multiple forms from a single data entry file.
  • Securely share data with existing applications.
  • Get support for multi-page, offline, and saved progress forms.
  • Utilize integrated eConsent capabilities.


Get compliance assurance with audit trails and reporting.
Scan directly from desktop production scanners and multi-function printers.
Employ intelligent capture via AWS Textract AI/ML integration.
Use native barcode, zone, and full-text OCR engines.

Document Capture

  • Scan and digitize paper documents with desktop scanning devices
  • Utilize API integrations to send documents to secure storage locations or workflows
  • Increase searchability and accessibility of all documents

Mobile Scan

  • Scan with your device's camera as native PDF scanner
  • Edit, reorder, and modify scanned pages.
  • Send directly to a workflow or secure storage locations
  • Download for free on the App Store and Google Play Store
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“ Vasion is the best DMS we've reviewed it's a single, easy-to-use source that maintains control for all staff, with quick and easy access whether they're in or out of office.”

Alan Nusbaum - President & Project Manager


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