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Vasion Signature is an affordable, eSignature solution to help manage and track documents requiring signatures from people inside and outside of your company. This stand-alone tool allows you to view the entire document lifecycle–from creating documents with customizable signature fields, to sending documents for signing, and notifying you of how requests are progressing–with ease of use for anyone in your company.

Vasion Signature is an ideal tool for small businesses looking to simplify the eSignature experience and provide:

Improved customer experience and relationships

Faster turns on signatures

More efficient task progress tracking

Improved document accuracy

Secure access and validation of the signer

Reduced overhead of paper costs

Oversight of the entire document lifecycle

Reliable document security

How Vasion Signature works:


Document Setup
The document is uploaded to the Vasion Signature App, configured for signing, then sent to either one or multiple signers to sign the same document, or a bulk group of signers to sign individual versions through a secure, automatic email outlining signing instructions.


Document Signing
The signer receives the email notification and then clicks a link to sign the document on their smart device. Once the signer has finished the request, the initiator is notified via email to view the signed document in the Vasion Signature App.


Document Tracking
Folder views within the app provide access to all documents, including an audit trail for historical tracking and status assignment for each phase of the process.


Document Management
Documents can only be viewed or printed by authorized users within the app. Transmissions and documents comply with security and regulatory requirements.


Storage and Filing
Documents are stored internally within the Vasion Signature App from initial upload through signing and completion. External cloud storage coming soon.


System administrators have options for configuring and managing users, including IdP configurations such as Okta, Azure AD, Google ID, and more.

Vasion Signature allows for single signers, multiple signers in a sequence, and multiple parallel signature operations.

*Users who claim free licenses for Vasion Signature must agree to provide feedback on the service throughout the trial. Offer must be claimed by October 7, 2022. Limited spots available.