August 01, 2019

Workflow Automation: Picking the Right Office Processes

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at how you can carefully select and transition an existing process or processes towards workflow automation.

If you’re running a business that has a lot of moving parts, you’re looking for ways to get work done faster. One way of getting work done quicker is to find ways to automate parts of your workflow. Keep the following four questions in mind as you consider how to do it.

What Processes Waste the Most Time?

Before beginning the process of automation, consider the types of things that your team works on now. Some processes likely include data entry, task assignments, or project management. The information gathered by these processes is very important. Imagine how much time your company could save. What if the information was gathered, routed, and managed automatically?

How Will Workflow Automation Impact Your Customers?

Another thing to consider about workflow automation is how it impacts the customer. When customers don’t have to wait to have their information taken and passed on to the right person, client satisfaction increases. When the data entry portions are automated, a customer can access your website, fill out any necessary forms, and receive a direct response quickly. In the eyes of your customer, efficiency correlates to trust and value added.

What About Your Employees?

While it should go without saying, it’s incredibly important to consider the impact of automation on your employees. In many instances, your employees will be happier to know that their job will get easier. As we’ve already discussed, wasting a customer’s time is not recommended, but wasting an employee’s time is an even bigger problem. Your employees want to solve problems and make customers happy–without the hassle of figuring out who has the customer information. Workflow automation sends forms and work assignments to your team without delay.

Are You Ready to Change Your Workflow Automation?

Now that we’ve looked at some questions that you should consider before trying to simplify your office processes, you’re likely wondering what comes next. Don’t worry–MaxxVault is here to help! Our team of experts is ready to help your team find new ways of improving your efficiency.

Not every solution is right for every organization, but we’re ready to make workflow automation work for you. Don’t delay–contact MaxxVault today!




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