June 10, 2019

Why Paying for Document Services Makes Sense

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Critics of document management systems frequently make the argument that there are enough free file sharing services and similar tools so that paying for document services just doesn’t make sense. If this is your hesitation, it is an understandable one. In fact, the number of free document-related tools and platforms increases annually and many of them have an acceptable level of functionality. However, there are ways that free software simply can’t compete with the quality of premium document services. Here are three reasons why paying for document management makes sense.

Data Tracking Document Services

Many industries have strict regulations regarding document lifecycles. In these cases, the relevant documents must have a clear and recorded lineage, through each step of their existence. Unfortunately, free document software, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, does not have the capacity to keep these records. In fact, in many cases, the entire company has access to all of the stored files, creating a regulatory hang-up. Therefore, only premium document services manage your data appropriately, including audit trails to protect your organization.

Business Process Automation

One enormous benefit of full-service document services is the ability to set and forget daily tasks through automation. A document management system gives you the opportunity to automate data entry, filing, indexing, regular communications, and more. By taking these tasks off your team members’ plates, you free them to concentrate on the more essential parts of their job descriptions. Companies that rely on free document software often find themselves still spending enormous amounts of time manually managing their documents, eliminating many of the benefits of quality document services.

Individualized Support

The price tag for premium document services includes a support team, ready to make the product work at maximum capacity for your needs. If you need a specific tool, function, or feature, you have recourse with professionals who know you and know the platform inside and out. At the same time, free document storage software not only offers minimal support but is generally inflexible and one-size-fits-all. If your company has specific needs or desires, you’ll find yourself out of luck. Your cost savings, in the end, are not worth the risk of missing opportunities because you don’t have the tools you need to meet them.

In the end, document services is much like many other service-oriented industries: you get what you pay for. When you invest in full-service document management, you receive a platform created with you in mind. It is flexible, efficient, and user-friendly. These benefits are worth the initial cost. Interested to learn more? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.




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