May 06, 2019

Why Online Document Management Must Replace Traditional Systems

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

The last two decades saw document management evolve and change at an astonishing rate, and there is no indication that these developments are slowing. In fact, innovators release new tools and platforms daily. In this rapidly changing environment, traditional systems of content management are costly and inefficient. To remain relevant and competitive in a quickly evolving landscape, many organizations turn to online document management. Online platforms are quickly replacing old forms of document storage and bringing efficiency and cost-effectiveness with them. Whether you are hoping for a full digital transformation or simply researching your online document options, here are three reasons an online platform must replace your outdated system.

Information Security

The days of locked filing cabinets and unsecured Rolodexes are behind us. In their place, we find an ever-increasing number of cyber threats. Today, organizations must be fastidious in securing information regarding customers, employees, and the corporation at large. Taking an outdated or laissez-faire approach puts your data at enormous risk. Programmers design online document management platforms with security in mind, from file-level encryption to user-specific access.

Disaster Recovery

Traditional methods of disaster preparedness involved multiple paper copies, off-site storage, and enormous cost. Additionally, any company struck by disaster was out of commission for months for recovery, if there was any recovery at all. Today, a disaster plan doesn’t require more square footage or massive paper costs. Instead, companies are adopting online document management to guarantee automatic data backup for emergency use. In the case of a disaster, restore your company’s data with a simple click, rather than months of physical labor and expense.

Client Needs

Today’s world is mobile, moving faster than ever before. By consequence, modern clients expect business to keep pace. In other words, clients want service where and when they need it. They are looking for companies that anticipate their needs and desires, offering tools and products that simplify and enrich their busy lives. Traditional methods of document management make it easy for clients to slip through the cracks. In contrast, online document management allows companies to capture the customer experience through web forms, automated communication, and more. Through these tools, companies gain insight into their clients’ needs and can respond preemptively and with positive effect.

Many organizations are built on tradition, handed down from generation to generation. Some aspects of established businesses are timeless, such as integrity, innovation, and quality. Others cannot last. Traditional systems of document management are no longer viable and endanger the companies that cling to them. To preserve the truly lasting qualities of your company, choose online document management. Interested in learning more? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.




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