July 11, 2019

Using ECM to Help New Students Get Oriented to Higher Education

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Making the jump from high school to college is a rite of passage for many young people. Each student’s journey to the next step will be different academically but enterprise content management (ECM) processes can make the administrative parts much easier. Here are five things that your school should know about content management that will improve student orientation to campus services that go beyond education.

Digital Forms That Guide Learning for Staff

When a student enrolls at your school, there is a formal process to them becoming a student: an application, an ID card, a schedule. The list goes on and on. Instead of requiring each new student to handwrite a form and turn it in, consider moving to digital forms. ECM allows a student to complete forms online and have them immediately sent to the right department for processing. This is an instantaneous process that requires no human work.

Regulatory Controls Protect Learner Data

When we talk about the forms that all students fill out, these documents contain a lot of personally identifiable information. PII is incredibly valuable and closely regulated by the federal government. It’s important to secure this information at all times. Using an ECM process for PII is just another step towards keeping student information secure.

Mobile Access to Education and Services

The brick and mortar school of the past will never be the same. Digital forms are just the beginning of how ecm can enhance the student experience. By changing traditional orientation lectures into instantly accessible digital content, students can learn more about their new school on their own schedule. Developing asynchronous content will also allow content creators to develop new content without wasting time rehashing older materials.

It Can Be Gradual

Many academics will worry that too much technology will change the learning dynamics too quickly. One great thing about moving towards an ECM program is that it can happen as slowly or as quickly as the institution wants. Consider how experimenting with an ECM project might lead to innovation within a group of students or faculty. It’s important to remember that education, like technology, is constantly changing and growing. Remember: education is a process of continuous growth.

Take the Leap With Us!

Every school has its own needs that can be addressed through innovations. An ECM system could be the answer to some of your worries. Interested in learning more about how we can help your school to grow? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.




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