April 23, 2019

Use Online Forms Automation to Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

If you are convinced of your need for digital transformation, you may be wondering where to go from here. For many companies, getting started is the most difficult part. In fact, once you begin rolling out electronic document services, you’ll find that more transformative opportunities present themselves frequently. Online forms automation is a natural starting point for organizations moving into electronic document services. Let’s take a look at three sections within your company where automated forms will make a real difference.

Customer Service

Customer interactions are a logical place to capitalize on the efficiency and simplicity of online forms automation. Online forms capture customer data for warranties, surveys, loyalty programs, and service requests. Additionally, using online information capture prevents the pitfalls of manual data entry, such as slow turnaround and accuracy errors. At the same time, connecting your customer data to your larger information database gives your customer service team a distinct advantage. All of a customer’s data in one place allows your service reps to get the full picture of a customer’s relationship and needs. As a result, this leads to higher customer satisfaction and commitment.

Human Resources

Online forms automation is extremely popular in the world of human resources. And understandably so, since the platform automatically generates forms for onboarding, time sheets, scheduling requests, tax forms, and other necessary employee information. Online forms cut through the long waits in HR, accelerating the recruiting, onboarding, and separation processes. Additionally, your document platform manages all HR files throughout their lifecycle with full regulatory compliance. Choosing to use eforms for your HR paperwork, policies, and procedures guarantees the security and productivity of your HR department.


Accounting departments are typically drowning in paperwork. This makes them a prime candidate to benefit from online forms automation. Accounting teams use eforms for reimbursements, purchase orders, expense reports, and more. In other words, all the piles on desks can vanish as you take your accounting documents online. Financial documents are not something to take lightly, so you can rest assured that the files created through online forms are guarded with encryption and fully integrated into your secure document management system. Additionally, using online forms automation keeps your financial records compliant with federal regulations.

If you are diving into electronic management and want to make significant changes to get the ball rolling, consider beginning with online forms automation. Already a document management pro? It’s worth a second look to ensure you are utilizing your online forms to maximize productivity and profit. Need help knowing what to look for? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.




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