March 02, 2019

Use Document Management Software to Improve Shared Services

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Communicating across departments or divisions within an organization challenges even the most efficient systems. Still, most large businesses require the ability to share data and services across departmental lines. By choosing quality document software, you improve all of your data management, including shared services. Document management software eliminates the frustration and delay in connecting the various sectors of your company.


Any time data is moved or shared, confidentiality is at risk. Frequently, companies cope with this concern by choosing separate document solutions for each department. Unfortunately, this often leads to other issues, such as miscommunication and inefficiency. Implementing company-wide document management software changes the game. Sectors of your business can share any type of file quickly and easily without sacrificing security in any way. Because quality document software encrypts information at the file level and allows for individual permissions, creating different degrees of confidentiality for each user and file.

Schedule Shared Data

Oftentimes, departments share specific data on a scheduled basis. This may include reports, projections, sales numbers, and more. Document management software keeps these regular schedules moving unimpeded through automated workflow tools. Required documents are delivered on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, and even the review process can be automated to guarantee completion. Automating the scheduled delivery of interdepartmental documents saves both time and money by reducing management requirements and ensuring on-time arrival.

Integrate Existing Systems

Most companies rely on a variety of different systems to record and manage their data. While these platforms are useful in their own right, attempting to share data between them can be a real headache. At the same time, no company has the time to migrate all their data and documents to a new unified platform. Quality document management software offers a real solution. Content services platforms integrate all your existing systems, allowing users to access authorized documents across all your company’s software. Rather than replacing your current software, good document management software enhances your existing systems and compliments the services that provide.

If your company uses shared services for company data, you’ve experienced the frustrations and delays they can bring. Instead of continuing on the same ineffective path, implement document management software to improve your shared services. Not only will content services improve your shared processes, but it will save your organization money along the way. Interested in learning more? Contact MaxxVault for more information today.




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