June 18, 2019

Understanding the Fundamentals of Document Automation Software

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Document automation software drives productivity and efficiency in countless organizations around the globe. However, because the technology is relatively new, many companies shy away from committing to an automated system. Understanding the fundamentals of automated document platforms allows company leadership to glimpse the potential advances it supports. With that in mind, here is an overview of the primary functions of document automation software.


Document automation exists to streamline document processes. More specifically, automation software takes the creation and distribution of documents to new heights of efficiency. At the same time, it places these documents in an environment perfectly suited to the needs of its users. The system is neither too big nor too small, with the exact tools each team requires. Taking the guesswork out of documents means creating document processes that are consistent, monitored, and user-friendly. Communication templates function to keep projects running smoothly while automated capture programs eliminate the need for manual data entry. In short, document automation software exists to allow team members to focus on the significant work in front of them, rather than puzzling through the frustrating and tedious busywork that formerly characterized many professional careers.


Automation software brings countless benefits to companies looking for positive change. First and foremost, as stated above, document automation software allows your staff to focus on work that adds value. No more busy work or endless data entry. Your company time is used for the things that make a difference. Additionally, any updates spread quickly and thoroughly company-wide. Need to edit your marketing materials or update contact information? Document automation software makes the changes in one click. Also, you can automatically backup all essential documents, allowing for quick recovery in the case of a natural disaster or other disruption. No more concern about the “what ifs.” The heart of your company is protected and prepared in the case of an emergency.


Automation implementation comes in many forms. For example, e-forms allow your company to collect and collate data thoroughly and immediately. In another instance, workflow automation keeps your team on track as documents move through life cycles of edits, approvals, and disposal. Similarly, audit trails assist your company in maintaining regulatory compliance while simultaneously providing a regular glimpse into the success or struggles in your document procedures. Wherever your company finds itself overloaded and understaffed, document automation software is likely to offer solutions. Ultimately, your best option is to select a high-quality document management platform with automation features built-in.

If your company is in need of efficiency, cohesion, and productivity, consider employing document automation software. Not sure where to begin? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.




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