August 08, 2019

Top Five Questions about Salesforce Document Management Answered

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

A lot of different cloud-based applications provide CRM support, but Salesforce has set itself ahead of the rest with a variety of features to support the entire sales team. In today’s blog, we’ll answer the five most asked questions about using Salesforce for document management.

Can I Use Salesforce for High Volume Document Management?

Absolutely! One of the features that Salesforce provides to support digital document use is Data Loader. Data Loader allows users to upload documents with ease. Data Loader reviews existing files and leaves only the updated versions. There’s no risk of using the wrong version.

Is There a Limit to Storage on Salesforce? How Can We Get Around the Limit?

Sadly, there is a limit to storage on the Salesforce platform. The good news is that you can use other cloud-based storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive to store files digitally in your document management program. You can use Salesforce File Connect to make your life easier.

How Does Salesforce Document Management Impact Workflow?

Positively! Salesforce has helped organizations work smarter, faster, and more collaboratively. One of the keys to using Salesforce is that it helps your team adapt and make adjustments to your process as necessary. If your team wants to work in innovative ways, take the leap to using the app.

What Are the Main Reasons to Switch?

Salesforce Document Management is designed to work seamlessly with the main platform. This means that downloading the add-on is all you need to do. There are no extra steps that need to be made to Salesforce. Did we mention that it’s free for Salesforce users to use?

How Do We Get Started?

Making the shift to using Salesforce Document Management will need to be done carefully. You need the right team of experts in your corner to make a smooth transition. MaxxVault is your team of experts. We know Salesforce inside and out. Let’s get your company where it needs to go–together. Contact MaxxVault today!




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