August 23, 2019

Tips for Law Firm Document Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Successful law firm document management is done safely and effectively. Lawyers do so much reading and document management that they sometimes are drowning in paperwork. However, firms need to keep files orderly and secure to protect the best interests of their clients. Errors in sending or filing documents can influence the results of a case. In addition, disorganization can cost clients a great deal of money. For effective document management, law firms need to incorporate a management strategy. Here are five tips for improving law firm document management.

Avoid Paper File Buildup

Under the pressure of the daily grind, it’s easy to let printed files build up. A desk piled with papers can give the impression of a busy attorney. However, such disorder doesn’t reflect good business. Therefore, law firms need to make sure they are regularly destroying old or unnecessary documents. This keeps clutter to a minimum. It also helps protect client information from lying around and being stolen.

Scanning Documents

Successful law firms put in a scanning process that eliminates paper storage. Every important document that needs to be kept is scanned and stored digitally. As a result, digital backups can be made and stored. Additionally, digital documents can be password protected. This adds another layer of security for private information. Digital document management can be done in-house or by a third-party.

Consider Moving to the Cloud

Cloud storage is an effective way to cut down on physical documents that can get lost or stolen. Instead, they are stored in data centers managed by technology companies to keep them safe. Managers can control who gets access to what files. Therefore, this keeps discretion high at the firm. Also, attorneys never have to worry about losing a physical document or a file saved on a local computer. Documents in the cloud can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. MaxxCloud is one of the best options for secure law firm document management.

Offsite Law Firm Document Management

Sometimes physical documentation is necessary for a case or file. In these instances, it is a good idea to contract out a third-party document manager. A document manager keeps your files organized and safe. Therefore, this helps limit liability and enhances security. For law firm document management, managers increasingly seek secure storage service providers for help.

Law Firm Document Management Consultants

Document storage and security experts offer consultations for law firms looking to improve document management. Consultants can come in and examine current practices and point out loopholes. In addition, consultants can suggest improvements. It’s worth the cost knowing that your documents are stress-tested.

MaxxVault is the premier document management service to keep information and data secure. For help with document management strategies, contact our team today.




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