May 20, 2019

Three Document Management Trends to Avoid

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Keeping your company up-to-date on the latest technology and tools can be exhausting. After all, unless tech is your industry, you probably don’t have the time and energy to research trends as they crop up. While many technological advances can benefit your company, there are also document management trends that are best to avoid. Here are three examples of popular document management trends to bypass for the health of your company.

Choosing Free Software Instead of Investing

“Why pay for document tools when you can get so many of them for free?” This is a common argument against investing in a document management platform. While it is true that there is an abundance of document tools available for free, opting for these solutions may cost you far more than money. For example, free document management software won’t integrate with the systems you already use. This means more time spent flipping back and forth between programs, leading to frustration and user error. Additionally, the free document systems currently available require you to upload and manually index every file you use. This means months of work to get your software up-to-date, as well as countless employee hours spent on the process. While a document management system may seem costly up-front, opting for free document management software carries a much greater cost.

Neglecting to Plan for Future Growth

Previous document management trends included purchasing package deals for all your data needs. Then, IT professionals managed your on-site servers, updating them as needed. This system was a great step into document management, but it is long outdated and restricts the futures of companies who rely on it. Instead of limiting yourself to space on local servers and software updated and managed by on-site IT, why not opt for the expansive, flexible, and secure cloud? You want your company to grow. By choosing document management options that provide cutting edge tools and room for expansion, you avoid locking yourself into contracts that hinder your business.

Underutilizing Available Tools

Many companies follow the document management trends of connecting to the cloud and storing and managing documents on a secure platform. However, many businesses stop there. Without taking advantage of the numerous automation, mobility, and communication tools available through document management, you utilize only a small portion of your investment. A good document management company educates its clients in the various tools and abilities the platform affords them. Don’t make the mistake of settling for less than your document management system can offer.

Many technology trends are positive and make businesses better. Likewise, document management platforms continue to improve and offer clients a wide variety of tools and services. To avoid frustration in your digital transformation, avoid these tempting but harmful document management trends. And as always, if you are in the market for quality document management, contact MaxxVault for more information today.




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