September 28, 2019

The Top Four Factors in a Cloud Content Service

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Deciding to migrate to the cloud is a big moment in any business progression. It’s realizing that larger growth requires further leveraging technology to push things. However, it’s not an easy decision. Trusting someone else to safeguard and manage your data, customer information, financial records, and other sensitive information is hard. Companies want to know they have the right cloud provider that will help see them through their next growth phase and beyond. Entering into a partnership with a cloud content service should be done judiciously. Indeed, a lot of research should go into the provider and their track record. Here are four of the top considerations when choosing a cloud content service.

Cloud Content Service Price

Generally, price shouldn’t be the driving factor behind which provider you choose. It would be nonsense, though, to say that it shouldn’t play into the final decision. Organizations choosing a cloud provider should talk to multiple providers. They should compare what options are included in the cloud costs and do a cost / benefit analysis.

Ability to Scale

Organizations that enter into a cloud content service agreement need to be forward looking. For example, they should approach each provider from the standpoint of what the partnership will look like years down the road. Does the provider have the resources and vision to scale in step with their clients? Some organizations encounter problems when they need to scale, and their cloud content service provider doesn’t have enough room or the proper technology to accommodate growth.

Security Should Be a Priority

A lot of companies are tentative about cloud migration because they worry about the security of their data. Whether it’s customer records, financial statements, intellectual property, or other information, cloud content services should be able to safeguard client data. Make sure any provider you are considering has state of the art security protocols.

Fail-Over Capability of Cloud Content

At some point, most cloud content service providers experience technical difficulties that result in outages. Understandably, outages can be very frustrating for organizations because they hamper the ability to access their proprietary data. Make sure any provider you consider has fail-over capability so that if one facility fails, another will be able to transmit the data you need.

MaxxVault works with clients to customize cloud content services that help organizations manage their data responsibly. If you have questions about the cloud, contact our team today to hear how we can help.




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