April 08, 2019

The Top Five Document Management Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Electronic document management systems bring enormous benefits to companies of all sizes. In fact, there are more document management benefits than we could cover in just one blog post. Today, we’ll touch on five of the most obvious perks of converting your paper documents and transforming your document system.


Paper is slow. Whether it’s through the mail, from the printer, or stored in a filing cabinet, making and moving paper documents takes time. A significant benefit of document management software is increased efficiency throughout your organization. For example, no more waiting for paper requisitions, approvals, or drafts. Instead, all the documents you need are one click away.


Realistically, locking filing cabinets are both a hassle and a risk. When you require a keyholder to be present to access any documents, delays and inconveniences are inevitable. At the same time, a misplaced key or file seriously threatens the security of your most sensitive data. In contrast, file-level encryption and secure credentials are document management benefits you shouldn’t work without. Keep your documents safe without the cost of inconvenience.

Increased Profit Margin

Document management software increases your profit margin in many different ways. For example, your paper costs (ink, toner, maintenance, storage, etc.) decrease almost immediately. Also, your employees are more efficient in their use of time and company resources. Furthermore, your communication with clients becomes more effective and timely, meaning your business continues to grow.

Customer Satisfaction

Nothing will help your company more than happy customers. Thankfully, a satisfied clientele is among the document management benefits experienced by most organizations. When you are available, up-to-speed, and responsive, your clients notice. To assist you, document management software puts all of your customer information at your fingertips, leaving nothing to memory or chance.

Employee Loyalty

Clients aren’t the only ones you want to keep around. High staff turnover is an increasing problem in many industries, and many companies are wondering how to retain their best and brightest. Among the document management benefits our clients experience, we see increased employee loyalty. When a team uses quality tools like workflow automation that keep the staff connected and accountable, employees are more satisfied with their work experience.

At MaxxVault, we help companies explore the various ways that electronic content management will help their organization. The document management benefits we’ve listed here today are only a sampling of the various gains EDMS brings. Interested in learning more? Contact us today for more information.




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