October 10, 2019

Secure Document Control Solutions for Business

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Traditionally, companies and other organizations have turned to commercial shredding and storage companies for document control. On a schedule, document control companies show up to an office to collect papers for shredding or secure storage. However, cloud computing and digital document management is making traditional methods obsolete. Companies that embrace digital transformation make their customer information, contracts, and other documents more secure than ever. Here are some basic secure document control solutions for business.

Digital Access for Document Control

You’d be surprised at how many data breaches have happened and how much intellectual property was stolen because a piece of paper was left lying around. Perhaps, a careless employee forgot to secure sales or demographic information, and some bad actor was able to pick them up. When something like that happens, the impact can be enormous.

With digital document control, owners and managers control who can access which documents and when. No one can just pick up a piece of paper sitting on a desk. You can track who entered into a document and what they did with it. As a result, it keeps your information secure.

Cloud Storage Eliminates Multiple Versions

One problem a lot of businesses face is that there are many versions of documents floating around in email attachments. With cloud-based document control, everyone working on a document is adjusting the same version. Changes are made in real–time from any location with an internet connection. You can rest assured that every time you open a document, it’s the most up to date version.


Storing documents in the cloud isn’t the end of keeping data secure. There are hackers that try and steal documents as they move from one point to another. Instead, find a provider with strong encryption protocols to keep your documents safe. Encryptions make documents impossible to read or access without permission.

MaxxVault helps companies every day in their digital transformation process. Additionally, we offer advanced software solutions to keep customer data, proprietary technology and other information safe and secure. Don’t take chances with your documents by relying on out of date document control ideas. Indeed, modern businesses are harnessing the power of technology to improve security measures and build trust with partners, employees, and customers. If you have questions about document control solutions for business, contact our team today to hear how we can help. You’ll be on the path to digital transformation in no time.




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