October 14, 2019

Saving Lives with Document Management in Healthcare

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Saying document management saves lives may seem like a stretch, but let’s take a closer look. Getting rapid access to patient information is critical to providing the right care. Likewise, making sure records are up to date and correct has a significant impact on whether doctors and hospitals offer the right treatments. Document management mistakes have huge repercussions in the medical industry. That’s why there are so many regulations regarding the handling of patient information and medical records. For electronic document management, healthcare providers need solutions that save lives.

Rapid Access to Patient Information

When someone gets rolled into an emergency room, they’re often a blank slate to providers. These attendants don’t know what medications they’re on, whether they have any ongoing medical conditions, or whether they’ve been admitted before. Patient history is one of the key components providers use to get people the care they need. It affects medicine dosages and helps them monitor potential issues. With electronic document management, medical providers can get easy access to medical records. As a result, patients get better care.

Patient Trust

The government has placed strict regulations on the sharing of patient medical records. With paper systems, there’s more room for error. However, with electronic document management, healthcare providers can control access to documents. They know who accessed what documents and when. As a result, there are less information sharing errors that expose patient information. When patients trust their providers to keep their information safe, they’re more likely to share personal medical history and concerns with doctors. There’s an open dialogue created that leads to better care and treatment.

Electronic Document Management Healthcare Needs

Electronic document management ensures medical providers are using the most up to date information available. There aren’t multiple versions of medical records floating around between hospitals and insurance companies. With the best electronic document management, healthcare companies have current medical data, so patients get relevant care that saves lives. Recent medical procedures update regularly to ensure proper care.

For electronic document management, healthcare companies look to MaxxVault for the best market options available. We help all pieces in the healthcare chain have access to the best technology and software solutions possible. If you or someone you know needs information on document management options for healthcare providers, contact us today to hear how we can help.




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