July 23, 2019

Quality Assurance in Digital Healthcare Records

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Quality assurance is a key aspect of any healthcare document management program. In today’s blog, we’ll look at four ways to maintain quality standards.

Document Compliance for Quality Assurance

One of the main aspects to consider when enhancing quality assurance standards is compliance. Your records must comply with state and federal laws. Establishing and regularly evaluating how records are kept is essential. Your healthcare organization is better able to ensure compliance with regulations. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is an important regulation. HIPAA ensures that private medical information is held in restricted places at all times.

Document Safety and Security

A second aspect to consider is the level of controlled access to protected patient information. HIPAA violations are painful to manage. It affects financials and reputation. However, by controlling access to patient files, your practice is taking great care to maintain confidentiality. This includes all information pertaining to protected personal, medical, and financial information. Therefore, limited access is key to maintaining document security.

Transparency in Records

The third aspect to consider is record transparency. This means how all departments within the practice record, access, and use confidential patient files. For example, patient facing groups like the front desk, nursing staff, doctors, and practitioners need to know about medical histories. However, other groups such as billing, insurance, and schedulers likely won’t need the specific details of a patient’s medical conditions.

Controlling access and verifying quality use of patient records is key. Therefore, it’s advisable to create specific groupings or access groups. This includes giving patient facing groups access to full medical records but no financials. The other users would have the opposite access levels. By controlling access based upon job function, healthcare document management is easier.

Regular and Random Review of Documents for Quality Assurance

Finally, one of the best ways to ensure that record keeping is done correctly is undertaking regular, random file audits. Auditor options are people from a quality assurance department. Other options are a manager or other leader from another department. However, by completing regular reviews of patient files, all members of the practice gain a better understanding of expectations. Therefore, records achieve total compliance.

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