Bruce Malyon|April 11, 2019

Four Essential Steps for a Successful Document Software Deployment

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Investing in the best document software isn’t enough to guarantee success. In fact, unless your whole team is on-board with the change, your new software won’t make much of a difference. Software deployment should not be approached without careful consideration and planning. With that in mind, here are four essential steps to make […]

Bruce Malyon|April 09, 2019

Four Questions to Ask as You Look for the Best Document Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon You don’t want just any document management. In fact, that’s how you end up with scattered files, incomplete projects, and a frustrated team. Instead, you are looking for the best document management solutions for your needs. But how do you know which platform is right for you? Here are four questions to assist […]

Bruce Malyon|April 08, 2019

The Top Five Document Management Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Electronic document management systems bring enormous benefits to companies of all sizes. In fact, there are more document management benefits than we could cover in just one blog post. Today, we’ll touch on five of the most obvious perks of converting your paper documents and transforming your document system. Efficiency Paper is […]

Bruce Malyon|April 05, 2019

Content Management Tools That Will Change Your Business

Posted by: Bruce Maylon There is a vast difference between purchasing software and understanding it. At MaxxVault, we make it a priority to educate our clients on the full spectrum of document solutions available to them. While not every content management tool is a good fit for every organization, it is likely you will find solutions that […]

Bruce Malyon|April 03, 2019

Why an HR Document Management System Beats Filing Cabinets Any Day

Posted by: Bruce Maylon You have filing cabinets. Most businesses do. Your HR department probably has more filing cabinets than your other departments. After all, HR comes with a lot of paperwork. It’s a necessary part of the job, and there’s no way around that. Still, doesn’t all that paperwork get in the way? Sometimes, […]

Bruce Malyon|April 02, 2019

Make your Enterprise Document Storage Systems Work for You

Posted by: Bruce Maylon When you invest in enterprise document storage systems, you want to ensure you get your money’s worth. While you could just use electronic document management as a digital filing cabinet, why not take advantage of its full range of capabilities? Don’t just use your document solution as one more tool in your […]

Bruce Malyon|April 01, 2019

Not All Enterprise Document Storage Solutions Are Equal

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Your choice to use an electronic document solution is an easy one. After all, EDMS will define document storage in the future, and you want to ensure that your company is relevant. Choosing which document software to use is a different matter. The market is full of options, ranging from free […]

Bruce Malyon|March 30, 2019

How ECM Document Management Encourages Innovation

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Innovation doesn’t happen on its own, and the creative process requires a unique set of circumstances. If you aim to create something new, your tools and environment are essential to your success. Some people think of ECM document management as a way to update old filing systems, but it offers far […]

Bruce Malyon|March 07, 2019

Four Ways to Execute HR Document Management Without Paper

Posted by: Bruce Maylon For many years, HR has been synonymous with paper. Forms to fill out, files to retain, and signatures to collect were all in a day’s work. Now, however, more companies are seeing the economic and social value of going paperless. Paper demands are a strain on the environment, and employees in […]

Bruce Malyon|March 02, 2019

Use Document Management Software to Improve Shared Services

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Communicating across departments or divisions within an organization challenges even the most efficient systems. Still, most large businesses require the ability to share data and services across departmental lines. By choosing quality document software, you improve all of your data management, including shared services. Document management software eliminates the frustration and delay in […]

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