Bruce Malyon|October 10, 2019

Secure Document Control Solutions for Business

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Traditionally, companies and other organizations have turned to commercial shredding and storage companies for document control. On a schedule, document control companies show up to an office to collect papers for shredding or secure storage. However, cloud computing and digital document management is making traditional methods obsolete. Companies that embrace digital […]

Bruce Malyon|September 30, 2019

3 Questions to Ask Your Software Provider About Automation

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Automation helps companies spend less money on mundane tasks. What used to take workers hours to complete can now be done with a click of a button. Things like automated indexing can be finished without employees having to do days of data entry. Automation empowers businesses to spend more time on high-impact projects […]

Bruce Malyon|September 28, 2019

The Top Four Factors in a Cloud Content Service

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Deciding to migrate to the cloud is a big moment in any business progression. It’s realizing that larger growth requires further leveraging technology to push things. However, it’s not an easy decision. Trusting someone else to safeguard and manage your data, customer information, financial records, and other sensitive information is hard. […]

Bruce Malyon|September 26, 2019

Make Your Non-Profit Funds Go Further with Document Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Non-profit work is a valuable pursuit. They do great work helping various missions around the world, so many people are drawn to them. Managing finances in the non-profit world is important. Many non-profits have to depend on fundraising and donations to keep their operations going. In addition, some generate revenue so they need […]

Bruce Malyon|September 24, 2019

Document Management for County Government Gets Results for the General Public

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Document management for county government is needed for state and federal governments since they often get a bad reputation for being disorderly and too bureaucratic. A lot of people feel like it takes much longer than it should to get basic things done. Trips to the Social Security office, the DMV, […]

Bruce Malyon|September 24, 2019

Document Management for Protective Services Keep Clients Safe

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Protective services spend most of their time training and operating against external threats. They deal with persons or interest groups that may be targeting executives, politicians, or celebrities. Movements in cars, planes, and around venues are planned out meticulously to remove as much risk as possible. Recently, though, protective services have […]

Bruce Malyon|September 20, 2019

4 Questions About Digital Transformation Platform

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Moving operations into the cloud has been a huge benefit for businesses. In this way, it’s allowed them to embrace technology faster and more effectively without building their own cloud infrastructure. As a result, they’re able to scale up or down when they need. Certainly, it’s helped them respond faster to customer and […]

Bruce Malyon|September 18, 2019

Digital Document Management for Healthcare

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Staying compliant with HIPAA regulations is a huge priority for healthcare companies. Indeed, errors can threaten the ability to operate, and cause damage when it comes to reputation. As more companies turn to digital solutions, there is less chance of loose files being left around or carelessly lost. However, digital document management for healthcare still […]

Bruce Malyon|September 17, 2019

Online Forms Automation Steps

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Companies and other organizations are experiencing the benefits of automation more than ever before. They’re using technology to take repetitive work out of employees’ hands so they can focus more on work that makes a big impact. Employees love the fact they have more freedom in their work. Additionally, automation is usually faster and […]

Bruce Malyon|September 13, 2019

HR Document Management Software Benefits

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Automation has helped so many organizations improve productivity. When tasks are automated, they standardize procedures and get everyone on the same page. It cuts down on busy work and frees up employees, volunteers, and others to be creative and innovative. Generally, people respond positively to automation. They enjoy being able to […]

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