May 23, 2019

Online Forms, Automation, and Growing Your Business

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Moving your company’s physical forms online may not seem like a particularly important step. After all, physical forms are familiar and transitions are disruptive. However, online forms automation is one of the most cost efficient and effective steps you can take to grow your business. Here are four ways that online forms position your company for growth.

Accessibility with Online Forms Automation

In the age of technology, access is one of the top requirements for a relevant and thriving business. For example, if given the choice between a company that operates only between particular hours and an organization with chat or contact forms, customers regularly opt for the latter. Online forms automation makes you accessible to your clients 24 hours a day and from any location without the cost of manning phone lines. Additionally, the automated features in your document software route the received messages to appropriate employees and send notifications, speeding up the response cycle as well.

Instant Capture

Companies use forms to capture data, whether it is for customer contact, survey results, or payment information. When you collect data on paper, the next steps are frequently drawn out and invite a security breach. For this reason, many companies choose online forms automation. Not only are online forms entirely secure, with all captured data compiled and protected under encryption, but the information is immediately cataloged and fully integrated into your information system. There is no delay between your company receiving information and putting it to good use.

Online Forms Automation Accuracy

Anytime you transfer information from paper to an electronic format by human input, there is the risk of error. In fact, data entry mistakes are common and often costly. By using online forms automation, you eliminate the risk of transcription error while also saving time and money. Therefore, your team members focus on client relationships rather than data entry.


While every company wants satisfied customers, it can be difficult to get a big-picture evaluation of your organization from your clients’ perspective. It allows you to collect customer feedback in an organized and meaningful way. Customer surveys are a highly effective tool that helps your client base to feel heard while you gain insight to help you grow.

Online automation is far more than a simple data collection tool. It provides security, accessibility, and accuracy that paper forms simply cannot offer. At the same time, your company gleans information that can inform your trajectory and goals for future growth. Interested to learn more? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.




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