September 26, 2019

Make Your Non-Profit Funds Go Further with Document Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Non-profit work is a valuable pursuit. They do great work helping various missions around the world, so many people are drawn to them. Managing finances in the non-profit world is important. Many non-profits have to depend on fundraising and donations to keep their operations going. In addition, some generate revenue so they need to track income and expenses closely to maintain preferable tax status. Either way, the more money they can save, the more they can spend accomplishing their missions. That’s why document management for non-profits is so important. Certainly, the right system makes financial management simple and easy so leaders can focus on the cause they love.

Document Management Helps with Taxes

Non-profit leaders need to stay on top of taxes in order to maintain their status. Losing status can have a huge impact on whether they can stay operational. However, document management for non-profits helps track expenses, income, and other tax issues throughout the year. It’s not a scramble come tax time because everything’s filed properly. As a result, outside accountants can easily sift through records without any sort of panicked rush to find documents. It gives managers more time to focus on the core mission of a non-profit without worrying about whether they’re compliant.

Saves Employee Time

Time is money, and the more time non-profit employees spend hunting down papers and records, the less they have to do meaningful work. Solutions around document management for non-profits help train new employees so they are up to speed faster. They need less training and can make an impact earlier. File management standardizes processes so people don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time something’s done.

Templates with Document Management for Non-Profits

Non-profits can leverage document management to expand their reach. Software for document management for non-profits helps communications teams make templates that can be used over and over again. Further, employees don’t have to draft new communications for each client or partner interaction because it’s already in the system. The templates are filed and can, with minor adjustments, fit any situation. They’re a huge time saver that helps non-profits have a wider impact in their work.

MaxxVault specializes in helping non-profits make their money go farther. Use technology to improve processes and procedures for your non-profit. You’ll have more resources to push the limits of what you can do. For more information on document management for non-profits, contact someone on our team today. We’ll find some time to discuss how we can help your organization.




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