April 02, 2019

Make your Enterprise Document Storage Systems Work for You

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

When you invest in enterprise document storage systems, you want to ensure you get your money’s worth. While you could just use electronic document management as a digital filing cabinet, why not take advantage of its full range of capabilities? Don’t just use your document solution as one more tool in your toolbox. Instead, utilize its full capacity to integrate and automate your business. Here are three areas to consider as you make your EDMS work for you.

Automate Workflow

At MaxxVault, we talk a lot about the benefits of automated workflow. Increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, and financial gains are just a few of the boosts our clients’ experience. By streamlining your project communication, you free up time and mental space for the more essential parts of your work. Additionally, companies that adopt automated workflow find that they encounter fewer delays and roadblocks in their creative and productive processes. Instead, all your internal collaboration lives in one place, keeping the flow of business moving without requiring micromanagement. Automated workflow takes your document management to a new level.

Customize Security Settings

Each organization requires its own unique security profiles and settings. There’s no need to settle for the basic security features on your current network. Instead, customize your safety systems to your company’s individual requirements. Create unique credentials for all your system users. Employ file-level encryption on your documents and data. There are many layers of security available to you, allowing you to prevent loss while also customizing user access.

Integrate Existing Software

Doubtless, you used a variety of organizational software before you chose your current enterprise document storage systems. Thankfully, electronic document management platforms allow for the integration of a wide range of productivity and communication software. For example, your current email, payroll, and sales systems are not only accessible through an electronic data system, but they will also be connected to one another. When you search for a clients name, the results include all relevant correspondence, notes, legal documents, bills of sale, etc. Rather than switching between windows and searching for the missing puzzle piece, make one quick search in your document storage system and receive all the information you could need.

If you chose, you could use enterprise document storage systems as virtual filing cabinets. Your documents would be secure and accessible if you needed them. However, these power platforms are capable of far more. To truly accelerate your business, make your document management software work for you. Interested in learning more? Contact MaxxVault today and we will walk you through the many ways a MaxxVault system could revolutionize your company.




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