April 22, 2019

Key Attributes of the Best Content Management Systems

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

As you search for document management software, you want the best possible product for your needs. Among the hundreds of potential platforms available, you will notice that the best content management systems have key attributes in common. Because these characteristics are consistent among the highest-quality platforms, you can use them as a baseline to guide your search. Then, once you establish which companies provide the quality you need, your organization’s unique criteria determine the rest. Today we will explore three attributes that characterize the best document platforms on the market. Consider these as benchmarks for platforms on your short list.

Security and Compliance

Both organizations and individuals are increasingly aware of the necessity of document control. Factor in the security needs of all the stakeholders in your company. If regulatory compliance is a requirement for your industry, this is an especially pertinent consideration. Many people consider HIPAA, GBLA, FISMA, and other legal rules and regulations a burden because of the time and effort they require. The best content management systems are equipped to carry that burden for you, meeting and exceeding industry regulation in security protocols. Additionally, protect your company’s data automatically when you use a platform designed for security. File-level encryption, unique user credentials, and other built-in security measures ensure your peace of mind.

Software Integration

No one chooses a content management system before they possess any content. In fact, it is likely that you have years worth of important documents and data stored in other programs. Clearly, you don’t want to spend the time to manually re-enter all that information in your new system. Thankfully, with the best content management systems, you won’t have to. Quality content management platforms are designed to integrate with your existing content software, including all your current electronic files in the new database. Before you invest in a document management system, be sure to ask about its ability to integrate with the platforms you already use.


It doesn’t matter how thoughtful and well-designed a platform’s back-end software may be if it isn’t user-friendly. Ultimately, you want a content system that your team members will find comfortable and easy to operate. Otherwise, it may be a fight to even convince them to use it. The best content management systems have a distinct advantage in user-friendliness. Be sure to explore and test-drive the content platforms you consider. If they seem clunky, confusing, or slow, it’s best to take your business elsewhere.

There are many aspects of choosing a content management system that are unique to clients’ needs. However, attributes like security, integration, and user experience are non-negotiables, regardless of your industry or goals. If you are in the market for the best content management platform, don’t overlook these simple and necessary traits. Interested in learning more? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.




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