July 16, 2019

How Your Office Can Go (Almost) Completely Paperless

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

A common workflow issue is figuring out where work documents should be kept. In the 21st century, many businesses are reducing the use of physical paperwork in favor of digital document storage. In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at three ways that you can transform your business into a nearly paperless environment.

Cloud-Based Internal Document Storage

One of the first things to consider when moving to a paperless office is using a cloud-based solution for internal documents. While it might sound expensive or time consuming, anyone with access to a Google account can create, edit, and share documents through Google Drive or Google Docs. One benefit of using these applications is that your team can work together from anywhere they choose to operate. A second benefit of using these applications is that document storage happens primarily on the cloud. This reduces the risk of data loss or unauthorized access.

Paperless Billing and Receipts

There is also a financial aspect to becoming paperless. Mailing invoices and waiting on mailed checks takes a lot of time. By moving to emailed invoices and electronic payments, time wasted waiting to pay or be paid can be reduced. One of the interesting challenges that you might encounter is training your customers to remit payment electronically.

Online Meetings 

One last thing to consider about going paperless at the office involves how meetings take place. Stop wasting paper by printing agendas, slide decks, and other handouts. Instead of printing all that paper, consider using a file sharing system like Dropbox and TeamViewer. Dropbox is a versatile tool for storing documents and giving others access in an instant. TeamViewer is another flexible tool that allows your team to hold meetings from a variety of locations without wasting additional resources.

Ready to Go (Almost) Paperless?

Now that you’ve seen some of the ways that you can make the transition to a nearly paperless office, it’s time to make the shift. As you’ve seen, the benefits of going paperless will help improve how your company does business–but it can be hard to take the leap on your own. Find a team of experts that can support your team as you move into a paperless world. When you’re ready to learn more about document storage, contact MaxxVault to get started!




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