October 29, 2019

How to Speed Up Onboarding for New Hires

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Getting employees up to speed as quickly as possible is critical to productivity. Traditionally, tenured employees had to take time out of their schedules to train new hires. However, with new electronic document management systems, organizations can automate much of the onboarding process. There’s no more wondering if everyone received proper training. Instead, people get ready for the job faster because templates and processes are in place. Every new hire goes through the same series of training so you can have confidence in their abilities. New employees will be happier too. As a result, they’ll feel more sure in their footing and able to help drive growth. Here are some of the ways an electronic document management system can help your onboarding program.

Create Templates with an Electronic Document Management System

One of the most important aspects of onboarding is making sure every new hire gets the same information and completes the same tasks. You need to create a baseline for each hire. An electronic document management system allows you to create templates that make the process exactly the same for each new employee. Indeed, there is no personal opinion or circumstance interjected. Finally, each trainee gets the same forms and can learn how the organization operates faster.

Human Resources Work Is More Efficient

Part of onboarding is filling out a bunch of forms. Employees have to be entered into payroll, sign non-disclosures, and fill out tax forms. All of that paperwork needs to be processed and managed by human resources. Having an electronic document management system eliminates old filing cabinets and keeps forms safe and organized.

SOPs Are Accessible

When someone joins a new organization, they work and learn the ropes at the same time. A lot of times, employees will have questions about policy or what to do in a given situation. Additionally, an electronic document management system allows them to access anything they need immediately. Access to company files lowers the chance of errors and misunderstandings.

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