March 30, 2019

How ECM Document Management Encourages Innovation

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Innovation doesn’t happen on its own, and the creative process requires a unique set of circumstances. If you aim to create something new, your tools and environment are essential to your success. Some people think of ECM document management as a way to update old filing systems, but it offers far more than that. By using a document management platform, innovators gain both the tools and the environment to incubate their next great ideas. Here’s how.


A start-up firm or fledgling project typically doesn’t require a lot of space or resources. That is, not at first. However, if you believe in your newest endeavor, you want to ensure that it can grow quickly. With this in mind, investing in ECM document management is an excellent place to start. While ECM fosters success in small and fledgling projects, it doesn’t limit the growth and achievement they can attain. Thanks to fully scalable functions, your document management platform supports innovations every step of the way.


Innovation rarely happens in one place. Instead, your projects require diverse people, places, and resources. To meet these needs, you also need software that is mobile and adaptable enough to keep up with you. ECM document management puts your business in your pocket. In other words, access everything you need, regardless of your location, with only an appropriate device and wifi. Not only will travel not affect your work negatively, but your time on the road will be productive and integrated just like your time in the office.


Teams of innovators are rarely all in the same place. For instance, your designer, engineer, and marketer may be in different states or even countries! Given the financial risk that often comes with innovation, traveling to connect with teammates may not happen often. ECM document management keeps your company connected, regardless of location or time zone. Using a centralized file system, you can be sure that everyone on your team is up to date, fully integrated, and ready for their next steps.


There are plenty of software tools out there that will provide you with workflow, file storage, or communication tools. However, to keep your creativity moving forward, you need a diverse toolbox all in one place. For workflow, automation, regulatory compliance, version control, and more, ECM document management is your one-stop shop. Find all the tools and resources you need all in one affordable, easy-to-use package.

Every company wants to stay ahead of the curve, but innovation doesn’t happen without the right circumstances. Investing in ECM document management gives you all the advantages required for innovative teamwork without the expense of an unwieldy on-site document system. Interested to learn more? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.




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