July 15, 2019

How Document Management Maximizes Data Security and Minimizes Risk

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Document management is an easy way to increase productivity but it also serves a more important role in cybersecurity. Simply using a system to keep all documents in one secure place isn’t always enough. Data security is a key feature of any great data management system to minimize risk and give clients peace of mind.

Cybersecurity Analysis and Planning

Before establishing a document management plan, it’s key to determine what faults may exist. A component of every effective management plan will address issues before they become a problem. It’s important to be prepared to make changes to address things that may arise. Some changes can be gradually introduced while others will need to be undertaken right away. It’s important to remember that some aspects of the plan may be clunky and impede the good work that your employees are trying to do. Be flexible and creative.

Document Access is Controlled

Document access is limited when a good document management system is put into place. This can be different depending on the type of documents. The rule of thumb: the more personally identifiable information (PII) at play, the more safeguards that need to be involved. PII includes things that are frequently sought in data breaches: full names, social security numbers, and dates of birth can be used to wreak havoc on a victim. One small failure can have a huge impact on your customers and their lives.

Selecting the Right Cybersecurity Partner

Not all cybersecurity solutions are right for your organization. Research is the key to preventing wasted time, money, and resources. Find a company that will support your needs and provide ample resources in the event of data compromise or loss. Over the last few years, large corporations such as AT&T, Home Depot, and Target have fallen victim to data breaches. The impact has been in the millions of dollars lost and thousands of customers impacted.

Now that you’ve seen how cybersecurity failures can cause bigger problems, find a data security company that can prevent those problems. Let MaxxVault help design a plan for your company before the unexpected happens. We’re here to help! With a variety of options to suit your unique situation, don’t delay! Contact us and learn more today!




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