October 17, 2019

How Document Management Helps Non-Profits Save Money

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Non-profit organizations have to manage resources carefully. They often have a mission they’re highly dedicated to. Thus, any money misspent or used inefficiently means less impact is made. Other non-profit groups have to rely on fundraising for operations. It’s vital to demonstrate responsible money management to build confidence among donors. Document management for non-profits helps save time and money. Finally, good software solutions help eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows. Here are some key ways document management for non-profits make a difference.

Online Templates

Online templates help cut down on repetitive tasks and increase employee productivity. Take employee onboarding, for example. Usually, in traditional companies or organizations, employees have to spend a lot of time shadowing, walking through procedures, and learning processes on the job. However, with document management for non-profits, organizations can create online templates for new hires to access and learn in a more time-efficient manner. Additionally, it avoids taking from other employees’ time to train new hires.

Online templates also implement standard procedures that cut down on confusion about what to do in certain situations. Standard operating procedures, codes of conduct, and contracts can be stored in a document management tool that’s easy to access,

Increased Collaboration

Document management for non-profits helps organizations manage large amounts of files at one time. There are no paper versions floating around, ripe for misplacement or loss. Indeed, employees can easily access them because everything’s stored online. Typically, organizations also avoid the issue of having multiple versions of documents. Document management keeps the most updated version at all times. It makes working together across offices and countries with partners easier than ever.

Document Management for Non-Profits Grants Access Control

Non-profits need to keep document security in mind just like for-profit businesses do. The right document management for non-profits grants managers the right to control access to files. As a result, you’ll know who accesses which documents and when. It helps manage any security incidents and prevent unnecessary leaks. You can tier access levels in each project or by employee seniority level.

MaxxVault helps non-profits with all of their software needs. We’ve seen great demand for document management as non-profits try to cut out time-consuming and repetitive tasks. They want to work smarter and better, and software is the key to doing both. Leverage the power of technology to get more out of your time and efforts. Contact our team today with any questions about document management for your group.




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