July 02, 2019

How Automation Can Improve the New Hire Onboarding Process

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

The most important part of hiring an employee is getting them started. When employees are ready to work on the first day, they start their jobs happier. Happier employees stay in their jobs longer. but how can you ensure that an employee starts smoothly? By automating your onboarding process. In today’s post, we’ll look at a few ways that automating the new hire onboarding process can improve your business.

Automation Spells Success…For the Employee and Management

When HR processes are automated, everything that needs to be done before a new employee starts on the first day is done. Business cards, computer, ID cards, office supplies–you name it. If it’s something everyone else on the team has, your new employee can have it right away.

Automation Manages Documents

When hiring a new employee, onboarding documents can be sent automatically. Things like I-9 forms, direct deposit, and training modules can be sent ahead of time. The completion of these tasks can be tracked remotely. Once an employee has completed a step, a member of the leadership team can be informed. Reminders can also be sent to ensure compliance.

Automation Secures Sensitive Data Processes

When hiring new employees, a lot of information goes back and forth. Social security numbers, date of birth, and addresses are personally identifiable information (PII). By using automated data systems, your company can prevent unnecessary access. The information gathered can be restricted and audited as necessary. Automation reduces the risk of data breaches.

Automation Requires the Right Team and the Right Solutions

Finally, automating new hire onboarding is not a simple process. It requires careful design, regular review, and a willingness to adapt to change. It’s important to find the right partner that will support your needs. Not all solutions fit your business.

At MaxxVault, we take great care and attention to designing an effective, onboarding process to suit your needs. Ready to simplify? Contact us today!




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