April 18, 2019

How a Cloud-Based Content Management System Increases Profitability

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Flexibility is a good indication of a successful company. This is one of the reasons that so many small and mid-sized organizations choose a cloud-based content management system. The agility a cloud-based architecture provides creates an environment that is ripe for profitability. Here are three ways that moving information to the cloud will benefit your company.


The size of your organization impacts many of the strategic decisions you make. When you choose a cloud-based content management system, you invest in a platform that flexes with your company as you grow. In the past, content management systems were based on package deals. You purchased a certain amount of space on a server for a particular amount of time. Now, thanks to cloud computing, you choose the platform you love and it adapts to your needs over time. Your organization may expand, branch out, and even divide without concern for the state of your data.


Today’s business is on the go. Therefore, if you rely on being at your desk, you are losing money. Fortunately, a cloud-based content management system travels with you, allowing you to access all your essential documents and data from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and connected device to access your mobile office. In addition to traveling with your data, a cloud-based platform keeps you connected to your team. Whether receiving a client’s approval, drafting a project proposal, or sending an invoice, your cloud-connected mobile device is all you require. Additionally, thanks to file-level encryption and unique login credentials, your data is always secure.


The saying “time is money” is popular for good reason. In most industries, employees spend an excessive amount of time managing projects to keep them moving forward. At the same time, manual data entry, data backup, document routing, and countless other daily processes require more work hours than the strategic and more meaningful work. In a cloud-based content management system, these basic tasks can be automated, allowing your staff to focus on the higher-level tasks that move your company forward. Project automation keeps your teams accountable and clarifies roles and responsibilities. Forms automation moves each document to the right person in sequence without oversight. In the end, cloud-based automation is the surest way to increase your organization’s profitability.

A cloud-based content management system isn’t a new tool, but today’s version is significantly more flexible and beneficial than its older counterparts. In fact, choosing cloud-based software is your first step into your company’s future. Interested in learning more? Contact MaxxVault for more information today.




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