March 07, 2019

Four Ways to Execute HR Document Management Without Paper

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

For many years, HR has been synonymous with paper. Forms to fill out, files to retain, and signatures to collect were all in a day’s work. Now, however, more companies are seeing the economic and social value of going paperless. Paper demands are a strain on the environment, and employees in every sector waste many hours and dollars managing paper files. Armed with this knowledge, companies around the globe are ditching paper in favor of electronic document management. It may seem like a tall order to eliminate paper for HR document management, but innovative tools make it not only a possibility but the best possible choice.

Scanning With Automatic Indexing

Before you begin generating any new documents, you’ll need to sort out your old ones. This means finding paperless solutions to convert your current masses of paper into useable electronic documents. HR document management platforms utilize scanning programs to enter all your current data quickly and without disrupting your day-to-day operations. Additionally, when your documents enter the system, automated indexing software scans them and immediately adds them to your indexed database. Consequently, your scanned data is immediately accessible with a quick search while also being entirely secure.

Electronic Signatures

The process of acquiring physical signatures is arduous and insecure. Printing classified documents to sign and then returning them, regardless of method, puts all parties in potentially compromised positions. In contrast, electronic signatures offer complete security while cutting down on waste and turnaround time. Onboarding, enrollment, and other essential HR documents are immediately available and searchable without the headache of physical files and potential breach of confidentiality.

PDFs and E-Forms

Imagine how much money and time is spent on paper forms alone. The amount is staggering, and HR document management offers a much better option. Distributing PDFs for company information and turning to e-forms for HR documentation are excellent alternatives for those piles of paper. PDFs are mobile-friendly and easily shared, protected, and edited as needed. E-forms are no longer complicated to build. Instead, evaluations, onboarding, applications, requests, and agreements can all reside in the cloud, and submissions will roll in in record time.

Team Training

Ultimately, no paperless solutions will work unless your team is on board. When you implement HR document management, the best tool you have is team training. HR departments are influencers in their companies, so training them in the benefits of a paperless office will smooth your company-wide adoption of new software. Additionally, with the rise of environmental awareness, educating your staff about the Earth-friendliness of a paperless office increases their enthusiasm.

HR departments across the country use massive amounts of paper each year. This reliance on paper causes inefficiencies, questionable security, and higher overhead costs. At the same time, the HR document management platforms available offer tools to make your HR department almost entirely paper-free. Why not take advantage of these superior document management systems? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.




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