July 18, 2019

Four Reasons to Use a Cloud Based Content Management System

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

You’ve probably come to realize that cloud based content management is something that a lot of companies are using. If you’re not currently one of those companies or if you’re just starting to consider a move to the cloud, here are four reasons to change to actively using the cloud.

Content Management Cuts Costs

The first reason to consider moving to cloud based content management is how cost effective they can be. With low start-up costs and low monthly operating fees, using cloud content couldn’t be easier. This is possible because your company is not buying separate copies of software that has to be physically loaded onto each computer by an employee. Each employee can access the cloud applications on any machine for no additional charge. Paying your monthly operating fees is painless.


The second reason to move to cloud based content management is that security concerns can largely be controlled through the software. This is true because users will store sensitive content through the cloud apps–instead of on the hard drive of the computer. Cloud apps are notoriously safe due to tight constraints and regular system updates. All updates happen at the same time.

Collaboration Benefits

The third reason to move to cloud based content management is that cloud apps encourage more collaboration among employees. Because users are accessing the same apps in different locations, employees can easily work together on the same projects. With the additional mobility involved, employees can work remotely or from different parts of the world–at the same time! Companies that use them often see faster workflow and better project completion.


The fourth and final reason to move to cloud based content management is that your storage security is guaranteed. This is possible because apps hosted on the cloud are provided by third party companies. These companies pride themselves on maintaining good relationships with their clients. These relationships stay strong through continuous testing. When a potential problem is found, a fix is put into place quickly.

Find the Right Cloud Management Specialists

One-size-fits-all solutions don’t take into consideration how companies use the cloud differently. Whether your current cloud content management provider isn’t living up to your needs or you’re looking to start the shift, contact MaxxVault. Our team of experts understand how cloud-based content can improve the overall operation of your business. Contact us today!




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