April 11, 2019

Four Essential Steps for a Successful Document Software Deployment

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Investing in the best document software isn’t enough to guarantee success. In fact, unless your whole team is on-board with the change, your new software won’t make much of a difference. Software deployment should not be approached without careful consideration and planning. With that in mind, here are four essential steps to make your implementation a success.

Prepare Your Team

Change is hard, and migrating the heart of your company to new software is especially difficult. For this reason, you must take the time to prepare your whole team for the coming change. This includes meetings to address the need for a new platform and the problems it will address. Also, consider a few Q&A sessions where staff members can raise concerns and ask clarifying questions. Be sure to give your company plenty of time to adjust to the idea of new document software before you actually introduce the platform. This will make the transition much smoother when it comes.

Install and Configure

Depending on your company’s internal structure, you may choose to have your own IT department install your document software. Alternatively, you may bring in outside help. Either way, be sure to plan the installation at a time when business is slower and there are no urgent deadlines. While your document management platform will be up and running quickly, it will take some time for your business to be back up to speed (and even faster than before!). Once the software is integrated for your company’s leadership, begin configuring the user settings, security, and essential functions for all users. Beginning this process during installation will speed up the company-wide integration. Since these settings are often somewhat complex, be sure to consult content management professionals for assistance.


Once all the devices in your office are connected via your document software, it is time to migrate your data and integrate other software. Migration moves all of your documents and files from your legacy systems onto the new platform, allowing for indexing and immediate access. You may choose not to migrate all of your company information right away, especially if you mostly use your former document system for storage. Integration is the process of connecting the new system with other business processes, such as payroll software, email, etc. Again, be sure to consult with content services experts as you integrate your various platforms to ensure that the lines of data exchange are clear.


Once your document software is in place, the fun really begins. This is the time for workshops, department meetings, and other training gatherings. Show your team the various ways that the new software will ease their workload and increase their effectiveness. Additionally, this is a good time to have an open-door policy for anyone struggling to use the new system. The more quickly your staff implements the software in their daily work, the more benefits your company experiences.

Finding the right document software is only the first step. For a successful software deployment, you must plan and execute an implementation strategy that considers your whole team’s needs. Interested in learning more? Contact MaxxVault today for assistance.




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