June 17, 2019

First Steps Toward Paperless Content Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Going paperless used to be just a nice idea. However, with the growing success of content management systems, getting rid of paper documents is an attainable goal. In fact, more companies are pursuing a paperless office than ever before, and with the tools and systems available, it is a painless and cost-efficient pursuit. If you are working to make your organization paperless, here are some tips regarding your first steps into a truly digital company.

Evaluate Your Current Digital Content Management

Before you begin moving your current paper documents into the digital world, it’s important to have your electronic filing system organized and running efficiently. Ideally, your company will take advantage of a high-quality content management system. These platforms organize your documents for you, automatically indexing and protecting files according to your specifications. Regardless of the system you choose, prioritize the security and accessibility of your files. This ensures that your documents are not lost or jeopardized once they are digitized.

Consider Compliance

If your industry operates under regulatory compliance, you must ensure that any digital content management adheres to the relevant standards. With this in mind, choose your electronic storage software mindfully. One benefit of compliance in a paperless office is your ability to create automated steps to ensure procedures meet regulations. Many document management platforms have built-in document retention protocols according to industry requirements. This is also true of file access, document lifecycles, and data disposal.

Examine Workflow

As you continue to prepare your office for paperless content management, consider the ways that documents move in your company. Are you often sending documents out for approval? Or do teams share countless versions of a project before it is completed? The areas of your company that share the most documents are the places that stand to benefit most from paperless capabilities. Therefore, look to digitize these spaces first to see the biggest leaps in productivity and collaboration.

Choose Your Content Management Transformation Method

To pursue a paperless workplace, you need to move all the paper documents in your space from the filing cabinets to your digital space. While this may feel daunting, today’s technology makes the process painless and even simple. In fact, many companies have copiers or printers that have all the capabilities required for a paper-to-digital conversion. Consult with your rep at your content management company to discover if you can use the equipment you have or if you should consider a dedicated scanner.

The benefits of a paperless office are considerable. Not only does going paper-free benefit you and your clients, but it is great for the environment as well. If you are interested to hear more about the possibilities going paperless can bring, contact MaxxVault today for more information.




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