June 25, 2019

ECM: So Much Bigger Than a Digital Filing Cabinet

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

ECM is more than just a digital filing cabinet for employee and client files. It provides a lot of possibilities that position your business far ahead of the competition.

In many cases, the software allows your organization to take existing processes and merge them in new ways to meet the needs of everyone involved.

One of the easiest ways that you can expand your company’s ability to do work is to improve the existing workflow. It encourages employees from across the company to collaborate in new and exciting ways. Without the physical boundaries, your team can move forward faster! In other words, more work means more profit.

To truly understand some of the possibilities of ECM, it is important to understand the five stages of ECM software. By the end of this article, you’ll see how Vasion can help your business grow through more effective usage.

ECM Step 1: Data Collection

The first stage of ECM involves gathering existing paper documents and converting them into digital formats. As a result, files that are stored online are easier to access later.

ECM Step 2: Data Management

The second stage involves organizing the collected documents and using them to work collaboratively throughout the organization. Thereby, finding use for the digital items truly moves your system beyond a simple repository.

ECM Step 3: Data Storage

The third stage is relatively simple. Finding an effective storage process that allows for viewing and accessing documents is key to having a useful storage system.

ECM Step 4: Data Preservation

The fourth stage is used to preserve older versions of files for archival reasons. These documents may not be a significant function for most aspects of the business. Preserved documents are mostly used by human resources teams and for historical reference. As a result, this is the most transactional portion of the system.

ECM Step 5: Data Delivery

The fifth stage is the end result of the entire process up to this point. This is where the end product is provided. By providing a quality product, ECM takes the idea of content management to a whole new level. Finally, it also allows your team to work more cohesively.

Now that you have a better understanding of what makes it more than simply a data storage system, take your data usage to the next level. Contact MaxxVault to learn more about how you can maximize workflow, encourage productivity, and put your existing materials to work for you.




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