June 04, 2019

Document Management Software Saves You Time

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

When you aim to improve your business, it makes sense to take advantage of all the tools at your disposal. Improving your efficiency, communication, and productivity reaps benefits throughout your organization. And by taking advantage of your document management software, you’ll see increases in these areas almost immediately. Saving time means saving money, and digital document management helps with both. Here’s how.

Managing Files

Paper documents and files eat away at your staff’s time. Producing, reproducing, filing, and retrieving paper documents can easily consume hours out of the week. Not to mention all the files that are lost forever. Instead of allowing paper to control your work environment, shift your files to document management software and regain that time. Document management backs up your files automatically, indexes them by your choice of terms, and allows you to search for what you need in seconds. In other words, no more lost documents and no more hour-long searches looking for them.

Moving Documents

In most companies, documents travel across departments throughout each workday. Sometimes this means printing copies, signing and scanning them, and then sending them back. Or, in the case of invoices and requisitions, the documents are copied, mailed, and the whole account waits until they return. Conversely, document management software takes the wait time out of moving documents. Sending a request, invoice, or form is as simple as alerting the correct person to the location of necessary files in the system. Additionally, whichever team member owns the project can track the process online and address any slowdowns.

Automating Daily Tasks

Employees spend hours each week routing correspondence, filing forms, entering data, and reformatting documents. Cut out this busy work with the tools in your document management system. For instance, set your software to automatically standardize your documents according to your needs. By using e-forms, you eliminate the need for manually entering data. In this way, you save time and eliminate transcription errors. Spare your team the many daily tasks that feel unprofitable and take up valuable time by fully utilizing your document management software.

These are just a few examples of how your document software saves you valuable time. And when you save time, you boost morale, see higher productivity, and ultimately increase your bottom line. Your content management system also improves your regulatory compliance, disaster recovery protocols, and collaboration. Interested to learn more? Contact MaxxVault for more information.




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