September 24, 2019

Document Management for Protective Services Keep Clients Safe

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Protective services spend most of their time training and operating against external threats. They deal with persons or interest groups that may be targeting executives, politicians, or celebrities. Movements in cars, planes, and around venues are planned out meticulously to remove as much risk as possible. Recently, though, protective services have become attuned to nontraditional threats. Cyber threats have been increasing lately, and security clients expect protective services providers to know how to combat them. Secure document management for protective services is one of the most basic ways to protect client information from theft or exposure. Here’s how security providers are using document management to keep data safe.

Client Confidentiality

Clients who use protective services typically want their identities protected. Understandably, they don’t want the public, or people who may be targeting them, to know about their security protocols or how much they’re spending. If bad actors are able to get that information, they can infer what kind of security plan is in place and find workarounds. Wealthy clients also use protective services to make logistics smooth and remain low key. They like to get in and out of places quickly without disruptions because they value privacy. Document management for protective services keeps client contracts, names, and budgets out of the news and away from public view.

Document Management for Protective Services Keeps Them Out of the News

Protection companies know where their clients are going ahead of time. Additionally, they often know who they are meeting with and why. A person or business’ information and movement security must be strong in order to avoid mistakes. If the protection company’s information isn’t secure, it could expose corporate or personal secrets. Certainly, document management for protective services needs to be ironclad so outside parties can’t get preemptive access to where clients will be.

Emergency Response

Document management for protective services also includes incident response plans. Agents, guards, officers and other people involved in protecting a client have procedures to deal with an emergency because efforts need to be synchronized. Whether it’s an attack, a car accident, or a heart attack, protection providers have plans that lay out what to do. Document management solutions keep everyone on the same page so reaction time is fast.

MaxxVault works with protection services to give clients the best software solutions on the market. Regularly, we provide document management for protection services as a cornerstone of client security. For more information about our products and services, contact our team today.




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