October 28, 2019

Data Breach Crisis Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Losing company information has varying degrees of seriousness. However, even when unimportant data is lost or stolen, an organization’s reputation can be damaged as well. It can affect other partners’ willingness to do business. Further, in worst-case scenarios, a data breach can mean real monetary losses. Organizations with poor document security can face legal penalties and fines, be subject to paying ransoms, and have product information stolen. On the other hand, effective document security starts at the lowest-level employee and extends all the way up to leadership. It takes the proper software and training to get things right. If crisis strikes, how you respond will impact the scope of the breach. Here are some basic steps to data breach crisis management.

Get Out in Front of Data Breach

Organizations have learned the hard way that sitting on a data breach and waiting for the smoke to clear is not the right approach. Indeed, when customer data is stolen or lost; organizations should issue a statement to affected stakeholders. The messaging should instill confidence that the data breach is being handled. In addition, partners should know you are putting the proper document security measures in place to limit impact and prevent any future breaches.

Internal Investigation on Document Security

Companies should move quickly to understand the size of the data breach and what impact it will have on operations. Additionally, understand how the data was stolen and how your network was breached. Was it a physical intruder or was someone able to hack in remotely? If you have the internal resources to handle an investigation, great. Otherwise, look for a reputable data and document security firm to help. They’ll be able to find and address any gaps in your security system.

After-Action Report

After the crisis is over, don’t just sigh in relief and keep going. Any investigation and crisis management process should include an after-action report. The report will go over what you did correctly and where you need to improve. It will identify areas you need to invest in for better document security, so it doesn’t happen again. Additionally, the report will help employees know what they should do next time there is a data breach. Finally, it will also help improve your crisis management and response plan.

MaxxVault offers organizations effective document security plans to help fight against intrusion and data breaches. We understand how important it is to keep customer and company data safe. If you need better document security contact our team today.




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