April 05, 2019

Content Management Tools That Will Change Your Business

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

There is a vast difference between purchasing software and understanding it. At MaxxVault, we make it a priority to educate our clients on the full spectrum of document solutions available to them. While not every content management tool is a good fit for every organization, it is likely you will find solutions that will dramatically change your business for the better. For example, here are three document management functions that produce quantifiable results in almost every company.


Most companies use a variety of paper and PDF forms to collect information. Converting these forms into attractive and efficient e-forms carries a variety of benefits. First, an e-form doesn’t require any further information capture. Instead, all submitted information is immediately a part of your electronic database. Secondly, you save time and money when you choose the greener option of electronic forms. Finally, once you create a form, all the data it captures can be routed to the appropriate business functions and departments. In short, e-forms eliminate many of the costs, delays, and errors inherent in the manual data entry that paper forms require.

Automated Indexing

In the world of paper documents, searching for a file is a tedious and time-consuming proposition. With an electronic content management tool like automated indexing, your searches become quick and powerful. Forget thumbing through files by hand. The contents of your files are completely searchable in seconds. Additionally, automated indexing software categorizes scans, TIFF files, barcodes, and PDFs that would otherwise only be stored as unsearchable images. The MaxxExtract system recognizes up to 15 different languages and, through machine learning, adapts to the unique symbology and style of your documents. Automated indexing increases your company’s efficiency almost immediately.

Software Integration

Projects often require information from multiple platforms, and the time it takes you to switch between software adds up. Content management systems allow you to integrate all of your systems to streamline your data input and access. This means that you have single-click access to all your company’s data as needed. In fact, there will be one entirely secure entry point for all users. Software integration not only puts everything in one place, but it also standardizes processes and procedures for data handling. Using an integrative content management tool, you store, label, edit, and move documents intuitively.

Document management systems contain a wealth of resources to revolutionize the way you do business. Take full advantage of the content management tools at your disposal. Need help sorting out the best tools for your needs? Contact MaxxVault today for assistance.




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