May 28, 2019

Content Management Brings Efficiency to Education

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Education systems produce enormous amounts of paper documents every year. Regulations also require that schools store and dispose of past documents in very specific ways. This meticulousness and volume of records easily becomes overwhelming, causing confusion and delay. Content management systems bring efficiency and order to educational institutions. Here are three ways that education benefits from electronic document management.

Streamline Document Processes

When documents need to pass through several checkpoints, such as teachers, parents, and administration, delayed or lost papers happen often. To protect your school’s paperwork, there is nothing safer than content management software. At the same time, the software that keeps your documents safe also keeps them on track for completion. Rather than a journey from the classroom to homes or an office, the files move through their lifecycle all in the safety of the software program. No more wait times for transit. Instead, you gain streamlined document processes and paperwork arrives completed in record time.

Access Records Fast

If you need student records, the last thing you want to do is spend an hour sorting through filing cabinets. Educational content management contains everything you need to keep those records in perfect order, meaning you find the file you need immediately. With automated indexing, your software platform makes every student file searchable within moments, meaning that you will not encounter a delay due to missing or incomplete files. Also, thanks to software that keeps track of all access, you can keep records of any edits or additions made to documents in the system.

Eliminate Paper Forms

The paper forms in school settings seem endless. From employment to admission to permissions and more, the forms pile up. Content management programs limit or even eliminate paper forms altogether by offering electronic alternatives. With secure pathways to create and submit e-forms, an electronic document management platform handles all sorts of forms. Staff members can submit requests and reports electronically. Then, through an automated workflow, these forms are routed directly to the correct individual for approval. This not only makes the process more efficient, but it also ensures that forms are not lost among the many other papers being shuffled through an office.

Educational systems battle challenges such as budget cuts, staff turnover, and space constraints. Content management strategies for educational institutions address all of these concerns, offering an electronic space that is secure, adaptable, and efficient. Interested to learn more? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.




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