October 22, 2019

Common Challenges in Digital Transformation

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

When company owners and leaders hear about digital transformation, they typically love the potential impact of technological change. The software offerings out in the market today help companies improve productivity and serve their customers with more resources. People can do more than they ever can and widen the reach of their organization. Digital transformation helps improve security, communication and streamline time-intensive tasks. Things like document management systems and access control are more effective.

However, a lot of organizations face challenges with digital transformation. People can be resistant to change. Leaders also worry about the implications of moving to the cloud too quickly. There’s also uncertainty over the cost of maintenance for new technology. Let’s take a look at these challenges and how companies are overcoming them.

Human Resistance to Things Like Digital Document Management Systems

One of the biggest challenges to digital transformation is humans. People are often resistant to change, so large technology shifts are usually unwelcome at first. Leaders and managers need to be prepared for push back and questions. There need to be resources dedicated to training people on new tools like digital document management systems, how to navigate through the cloud, and how transformation can help. Once employees see the benefit of digital transformation, they’ll give their buy in and the results will start rolling in.

Deciding What Data to Migrate to the Cloud

A lot of companies are hesitant to take on total digital transformation in one step. That’s understandable. Significant change, especially for large organizations, can be difficult. There’s a process to help companies migrate document management systems, templates, policies and other important information in stages. This helps companies into the cloud more comfortably. Company leaders need to identify which data they feel is most appropriate for migration in initial phases. Take things slow and adjust as necessary.

Weighing the Cost of Digital Transformation

One thing that stops companies from digital transformation is the perceived cost. People worry about the cost of hiring technical staff to handle troubleshooting, patching and incident resolution. It’s true that digital transformation requires new skill sets. Managing digital document management systems is different than keeping filing systems organized. However, companies need to recognize the amount of time they spend on legacy systems. Couple that with lost revenue from increased productivity, and digital transformation comes out ahead.

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