August 15, 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management in the Future of Education

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Enterprise Content Management is important in many fields, but what about education? When we try to consider how AI and ECM could be applied to education, it’s not likely that your child’s teacher will be a robot. However, there are innovating AI processes already happening in and out of the classroom. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at three ways that ECM and AI are already shaping the future of education.

Enterprise Content Management Helps Ease Grading

The first way that AI will shape the future of education involves the most tedious part of teaching: the grading. While robots will never be able to accurately grade essays, many online Enterprise Content Management platforms allow teachers to automate how multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank exams are graded. Many ECM solutions for grading also allow teachers to quickly assess student learning, commonly missed questions, and plan their next lessons accordingly.

Enterprise Content Management Helps Improve Courses

The second way that AI will shape the future of education involves course satisfaction. Students can be surveyed at different intervals in their courses to determine how well content is being explained. Additionally, AI provides opportunities for all stakeholders to get a better understanding of how courses flow into future courses. Administrators can use AI metrics and reports to review faculty members to evaluate teaching effectiveness.

ECM Helps Increase Customized Learning 

The third way that AI will shape the future of education involves adapting to each learner. Consider two students in the same math class: one student is excelling and the other student is struggling with those same concepts. In the old model, one student will be at a disadvantage because of pacing. In new programs, the excelling student can test out of modules and move onto more advanced concepts. The struggling student can continue to practice the concept until they have mastered it. Pacing is something that AI will continue to improve as time progresses.

AI Helps Your Educational Institution to Grow

Now that you’ve seen three ways that AI is changing the way that education happens, you’re ready to see how pairing AI and ECM with your existing education plan can enhance student learning. When you’re ready to learn more, contact MaxxVault. Don’t delay–improve education today!




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