July 29, 2019

An Introduction to Document Management for Nonprofits

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Running a successful Nonprofit requires a special attention to detail. They differ from traditional businesses. In many cases, volunteers run nonprofit organizations. In today’s blog, we take a quick look at how to handle document management for nonprofits.

Document Management and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002)

As with any organization, good document management is key. This maintains overall operational and financial health. Nonprofit organizations are not publicly-traded companies. However, they require management as such by boards of directors. The passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 dramatically changed document management in the public sector.

The SOX Act requires that financial documents be audited annually. The Chief Financial Officer of the organization certifies the audit. The audit also involves someone knowledgeable in accounting with the process. The SOX Act also regulates how long documents are stored.

Best Practices

Document management for nonprofits is tricky at times. Many organizations take the leap to digital only documents. Others store items in multiple formats. Volunteers without access to online resources require paper versions of policies and procedures. Some documents need multiple formats and locations for careful storage, such as significant historical ones. Additionally, consider a backup plan. This prevents failure of digital document platforms or irretrievably lost digital files.

Document Management That Meets Your Needs

Finally, understand that no document management program meets the needs of every nonprofit organization. Therefore, if your organization functions without advanced backups, limit the use of digital storage. However, if technology power users staff your organization, consider shifting document storage. This eliminates the hassle of physical paper files.

When you’re ready to change how you use document management for your nonprofit, contact MaxxVault to find a solution to fit your needs!




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