September 20, 2019

4 Questions About Digital Transformation Platform

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Moving operations into the cloud has been a huge benefit for businesses. In this way, it’s allowed them to embrace technology faster and more effectively without building their own cloud infrastructure. As a result, they’re able to scale up or down when they need. Certainly, it’s helped them respond faster to customer and market demands. Cloud providers operate on such a large scale now that they are able to adapt quickly. Also, prices are competitive. There are a lot of players, so companies have several options when shopping for a cloud provider. Owners and digital transformation platform managers, therefore, shouldn’t be shy about asking cloud providers questions.

Your Security Protocols with a Digital Transformation Platform

Most third-party data centers are co-location arrangements. That means a lot of companies share the same space. As a result, companies should have the security conversation sooner rather than later. The provider needs to know, without giving specifics, how critical the documents and information you’ll be storing in their cloud will be. Therefore, you need to know what steps they’ll be taking to keep it secure. Whether it’s security cameras, a private cage to house the servers, biometric access screening, or other security measures, digital transformation platform managers need to make sure customer and company data is secure.

What About Your Business Continuity Plan?

Before you agree to a digital transformation platform, you need to know how secure access to your documents is. What happens if there’s an earthquake or some other reason the data center loses power? The cloud provider needs to have a business continuity plan in place with fail-over capability. Meaning, you’ll be able to access your documents even if something unfortunate happens.

Digital Transformation Platform Price

Price shouldn’t be the leading factor in selecting a cloud provider, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be discussed. Of course, document management cloud solutions vary widely in price, so companies need to know what they’re looking for and if it is priced appropriately.

Is There Room to Scale?

As businesses grow, they need to know their digital transformation platform can grow as well. Does the cloud provider have the room and resources to scale and grow with you? Find out what the data center capacity is, what plans they have for future cloud solutions, and whether your business plans fit.

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