September 30, 2019

3 Questions to Ask Your Software Provider About Automation

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

Automation helps companies spend less money on mundane tasks. What used to take workers hours to complete can now be done with a click of a button. Things like automated indexing can be finished without employees having to do days of data entry. Automation empowers businesses to spend more time on high-impact projects that better serve their customers. They can get further along with product development, marketing, and customer support. The right automation software saves money and optimizes employee productivity. Companies, however, need to make sure they choose the right solutions. Here are three important questions you should ask your software provider about automation.

What Falls into the Scope of Automation?

Often, companies new to automation have a hard time understanding how it will help. They’ve found their way to do things through trial and error. Bringing in a software consultant could be the first time they’ve had someone take a look at their operation. Companies need to ask software providers what the software’s capabilities are so they know what it can do. Additionally, the providers should be able to break down what they see are key benefits to the business. If a company spends a lot of time indexing, then software that offers automated indexing will make a huge difference. Talk to your provider about what their software can do.

How Long Does It Take to Implement Something Like Automated Indexing?

Timelines in business are important. After all, if you pay a lot of money for software, it can be frustrating if it takes a long time to integrate. Software providers should be able to work on your schedule to get things up and running quickly. Companies spend a lot of money on software, so they should get proper support. For companies looking for automated indexing, the providers should be able to set a reasonable timeline.

Ask about Available Features

Software providers often sell based on targeted company needs. For instance, if a company obviously needs help with automated indexing, the salesperson will emphasize that. However, software often packs in a lot of features that benefit business operations. Make sure you talk to your provider about all the features of any purchased software. There could be other ways it can be used to help make you money.

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