May 13, 2019

13 May Using Digital Signatures in a Document Management System

Posted by: Bruce Maylon

The process of collecting, processing, and protecting paper signatures is a laborious one. Add in the time you spend printing and scanning documents that require a signature, and the amount of energy you expend collecting signatures will amaze you. To solve this problem, many companies are moving to digital signatures through a document management system. Not only do digital signatures reduce the time and energy that traditional signatures require, but a document management system provides a secure way to complete and store electronic documents.

Bringing Digital Transformation to Signatures

Digital document software is revolutionizing business, and signatures are no exception. Using a document management system, your company can eliminate all the manual work of gathering signatures. And this revolution doesn’t only apply to internal documents. In fact, businesses use digital signatures safely for contractors, clients, and other interested parties around the world. Once the documents have signatures, they return securely to your document management system.

The Role of Automation

Your document management system’s workflow capabilities can automate essentially all document signature tasks. When you send a document for a signature through workflow, all signers receive a notification. Additionally, the workflow follows a newly-signed document for the remainder of its processing, notifying all necessary parties of the document’s completion and routing it to its next stop. All of these automated procedures ensure that documents are signed much faster, and required signatures don’t fall through the cracks. Paper and scanning systems are incapable of this level of reliability and simplicity.

Compliance, Policies, and Progress

Security is one of the greatest benefits of utilizing your document management system for digital signatures. Because all signatures take place within a closed loop system, the documents being signed never leave the security of your digital space. Therefore, you don’t run the risk of printing or faxing sensitive documents, making them vulnerable to unauthorized eyes. Your document management software maintains a complete digital record of all views and edits on the file, keeping you audit-ready at all times. Also, your document signature automation is flexible. Set protocols according to your company’s policies and track their progress for necessary adjustments.

In an era of safe digital signatures for nearly every need, don’t settle for the hassle and risk of the old system. Instead, maximize your document management system by creating automated signature protocols for your unique needs. Interested to learn more? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.




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