PR Team|November 04, 2019

PrinterLogic Acquires MaxxVault, Rebrands Solution as Vasion

Deal expands PrinterLogic’s portfolio to include enterprise content and workflow management ST. GEORGE, Utah, November 4, 2019—PrinterLogic, the world leader in Serverless Printing Infrastructure (SPI), announced today the acquisition and corporate rebranding of MaxxVault, a leading provider of enterprise content management software. The acquisition broadens PrinterLogic’s portfolio to include digital workflow automation, e-forms, content management, […]

Bruce Malyon|October 31, 2019

HR Document Management System: Automate to Save Time

Posted by: Bruce Malyon If you’ve ever worked at a small company or owned a business, you know the pain of drafting new contracts and policy documents. It’s work that has to be done even though you’d rather be spending time on other things. Even for human resources professionals, drafting the same documents over and […]

Bruce Malyon|October 29, 2019

How to Speed Up Onboarding for New Hires

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Getting employees up to speed as quickly as possible is critical to productivity. Traditionally, tenured employees had to take time out of their schedules to train new hires. However, with new electronic document management systems, organizations can automate much of the onboarding process. There’s no more wondering if everyone received proper […]

Bruce Malyon|October 28, 2019

Data Breach Crisis Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Losing company information has varying degrees of seriousness. However, even when unimportant data is lost or stolen, an organization’s reputation can be damaged as well. It can affect other partners’ willingness to do business. Further, in worst-case scenarios, a data breach can mean real monetary losses. Organizations with poor document security […]

Bruce Malyon|October 24, 2019

Manage Document Workflow Software to Boost Productivity

Posted: Bruce Maylon When you start a business, a lot of what you do is a scramble. You have a competitive product or service you bring to market, but that’s about all you’ve got going for you. Most of what you do is driving sales and reacting to what’s coming at you. As your business grows, […]

Bruce Malyon|October 22, 2019

Common Challenges in Digital Transformation

Posted by: Bruce Maylon When company owners and leaders hear about digital transformation, they typically love the potential impact of technological change. The software offerings out in the market today help companies improve productivity and serve their customers with more resources. People can do more than they ever can and widen the reach of their […]

Bruce Malyon|October 21, 2019

Benefits of Cloud Based Content Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon As an organization grows, it must be able to scale its resources. Companies with popular products or services struggle to grow for a number of reasons, one of them being not having the right software in place. Software helps companies leverage technology to grow. When an organization fails to select the […]

Bruce Malyon|October 17, 2019

How Document Management Helps Non-Profits Save Money

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Non-profit organizations have to manage resources carefully. They often have a mission they’re highly dedicated to. Thus, any money misspent or used inefficiently means less impact is made. Other non-profit groups have to rely on fundraising for operations. It’s vital to demonstrate responsible money management to build confidence among donors. Document management for non-profits helps […]

Bruce Malyon|October 15, 2019

3 Software Management Advantages for Lawyers

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Law firms are busy places. On TV, law offices are filled with people rushing around, on important phone calls, and in intense meetings. Piles of paper and manila folders are stacked up on every desk. Reality is a bit different, but the high work pace is real. Luckily, document management for lawyers has […]

Bruce Malyon|October 14, 2019

Saving Lives with Document Management in Healthcare

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Saying document management saves lives may seem like a stretch, but let’s take a closer look. Getting rapid access to patient information is critical to providing the right care. Likewise, making sure records are up to date and correct has a significant impact on whether doctors and hospitals offer the right […]

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