PR Team|November 04, 2019

PrinterLogic Acquires MaxxVault, Rebrands Solution as Vasion

Deal expands PrinterLogic’s portfolio to include enterprise content and workflow management ST. GEORGE, Utah, November 4, 2019—PrinterLogic, the world leader in Serverless Printing Infrastructure (SPI), announced today the acquisition and corporate rebranding of MaxxVault, a leading provider of enterprise content management software. The acquisition broadens PrinterLogic’s portfolio to include digital workflow automation, e-forms, content management, […]

Bruce Malyon|October 31, 2019

HR Document Management System: Automate to Save Time

Posted by: Bruce Malyon If you’ve ever worked at a small company or owned a business, you know the pain of drafting new contracts and policy documents. It’s work that has to be done even though you’d rather be spending time on other things. Even for human resources professionals, drafting the same documents over and […]

Bruce Malyon|October 29, 2019

How to Speed Up Onboarding for New Hires

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Getting employees up to speed as quickly as possible is critical to productivity. Traditionally, tenured employees had to take time out of their schedules to train new hires. However, with new electronic document management systems, organizations can automate much of the onboarding process. There’s no more wondering if everyone received proper […]

Bruce Malyon|October 28, 2019

Data Breach Crisis Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Losing company information has varying degrees of seriousness. However, even when unimportant data is lost or stolen, an organization’s reputation can be damaged as well. It can affect other partners’ willingness to do business. Further, in worst-case scenarios, a data breach can mean real monetary losses. Organizations with poor document security […]

Bruce Malyon|October 24, 2019

Manage Document Workflow Software to Boost Productivity

Posted: Bruce Maylon When you start a business, a lot of what you do is a scramble. You have a competitive product or service you bring to market, but that’s about all you’ve got going for you. Most of what you do is driving sales and reacting to what’s coming at you. As your business grows, […]

Bruce Malyon|October 22, 2019

Common Challenges in Digital Transformation

Posted by: Bruce Maylon When company owners and leaders hear about digital transformation, they typically love the potential impact of technological change. The software offerings out in the market today help companies improve productivity and serve their customers with more resources. People can do more than they ever can and widen the reach of their […]

Bruce Malyon|October 21, 2019

Benefits of Cloud Based Content Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon As an organization grows, it must be able to scale its resources. Companies with popular products or services struggle to grow for a number of reasons, one of them being not having the right software in place. Software helps companies leverage technology to grow. When an organization fails to select the […]

Bruce Malyon|October 17, 2019

How Document Management Helps Non-Profits Save Money

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Non-profit organizations have to manage resources carefully. They often have a mission they’re highly dedicated to. Thus, any money misspent or used inefficiently means less impact is made. Other non-profit groups have to rely on fundraising for operations. It’s vital to demonstrate responsible money management to build confidence among donors. Document management for non-profits helps […]

Bruce Malyon|October 15, 2019

3 Software Management Advantages for Lawyers

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Law firms are busy places. On TV, law offices are filled with people rushing around, on important phone calls, and in intense meetings. Piles of paper and manila folders are stacked up on every desk. Reality is a bit different, but the high work pace is real. Luckily, document management for lawyers has […]

Bruce Malyon|October 14, 2019

Saving Lives with Document Management in Healthcare

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Saying document management saves lives may seem like a stretch, but let’s take a closer look. Getting rapid access to patient information is critical to providing the right care. Likewise, making sure records are up to date and correct has a significant impact on whether doctors and hospitals offer the right […]

Bruce Malyon|October 10, 2019

Secure Document Control Solutions for Business

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Traditionally, companies and other organizations have turned to commercial shredding and storage companies for document control. On a schedule, document control companies show up to an office to collect papers for shredding or secure storage. However, cloud computing and digital document management is making traditional methods obsolete. Companies that embrace digital […]

Bruce Malyon|September 30, 2019

3 Questions to Ask Your Software Provider About Automation

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Automation helps companies spend less money on mundane tasks. What used to take workers hours to complete can now be done with a click of a button. Things like automated indexing can be finished without employees having to do days of data entry. Automation empowers businesses to spend more time on high-impact projects […]

Bruce Malyon|September 28, 2019

The Top Four Factors in a Cloud Content Service

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Deciding to migrate to the cloud is a big moment in any business progression. It’s realizing that larger growth requires further leveraging technology to push things. However, it’s not an easy decision. Trusting someone else to safeguard and manage your data, customer information, financial records, and other sensitive information is hard. […]

Bruce Malyon|September 26, 2019

Make Your Non-Profit Funds Go Further with Document Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Non-profit work is a valuable pursuit. They do great work helping various missions around the world, so many people are drawn to them. Managing finances in the non-profit world is important. Many non-profits have to depend on fundraising and donations to keep their operations going. In addition, some generate revenue so they need […]

Bruce Malyon|September 24, 2019

Document Management for County Government Gets Results for the General Public

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Document management for county government is needed for state and federal governments since they often get a bad reputation for being disorderly and too bureaucratic. A lot of people feel like it takes much longer than it should to get basic things done. Trips to the Social Security office, the DMV, […]

Bruce Malyon|September 24, 2019

Document Management for Protective Services Keep Clients Safe

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Protective services spend most of their time training and operating against external threats. They deal with persons or interest groups that may be targeting executives, politicians, or celebrities. Movements in cars, planes, and around venues are planned out meticulously to remove as much risk as possible. Recently, though, protective services have […]

Bruce Malyon|September 20, 2019

4 Questions About Digital Transformation Platform

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Moving operations into the cloud has been a huge benefit for businesses. In this way, it’s allowed them to embrace technology faster and more effectively without building their own cloud infrastructure. As a result, they’re able to scale up or down when they need. Certainly, it’s helped them respond faster to customer and […]

Bruce Malyon|September 18, 2019

Digital Document Management for Healthcare

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Staying compliant with HIPAA regulations is a huge priority for healthcare companies. Indeed, errors can threaten the ability to operate, and cause damage when it comes to reputation. As more companies turn to digital solutions, there is less chance of loose files being left around or carelessly lost. However, digital document management for healthcare still […]

Bruce Malyon|September 17, 2019

Online Forms Automation Steps

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Companies and other organizations are experiencing the benefits of automation more than ever before. They’re using technology to take repetitive work out of employees’ hands so they can focus more on work that makes a big impact. Employees love the fact they have more freedom in their work. Additionally, automation is usually faster and […]

Bruce Malyon|September 13, 2019

HR Document Management Software Benefits

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Automation has helped so many organizations improve productivity. When tasks are automated, they standardize procedures and get everyone on the same page. It cuts down on busy work and frees up employees, volunteers, and others to be creative and innovative. Generally, people respond positively to automation. They enjoy being able to […]

Bruce Malyon|September 11, 2019

Document Management Software Helps Train New Employees

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Onboarding new employees is a challenge for companies. Businesses invest a lot of time and money into new people. Managers hope to fit people in with an organized team. Doing so helps them learn their duties quickly. Therefore, they contribute to an organization’s growth. Overall, the faster new employees get up […]

Bruce Malyon|September 10, 2019

The Top Four Factors in a Cloud Content Service

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Deciding to migrate to the cloud is a big moment in any business progression. It’s realizing that larger growth requires further leveraging technology to push things. However, it’s not an easy decision. Trusting someone else to safeguard and manage your data, customer information, financial records, and other sensitive information is hard. […]

Bruce Malyon|September 06, 2019

A Beginner’s Guide to Content Services

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Content services is a broad category and can seem a bit daunting. It sounds like an insider word for tech-geniuses or Wall Street business gurus. But really, it’s a simple concept that can change your business for the better. How do you input, store, share, and access data? Content services platforms […]

Bruce Malyon|September 06, 2019

Improve Healthcare Workflow with Five Technology Changes

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Technology improves the quality of healthcare. However, many companies miss using new technologies to their advantage. These technological changes improve healthcare workflow. As healthcare companies develop efficiency and accuracy, knowledge and treatment quality increases. For this reason, healthcare companies must take the benefits of new technological developments seriously. Here are five […]

Bruce Malyon|September 03, 2019

Smart Records Management Protects Your Realty Group from Lawsuits

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Realty groups protect themselves from legal threats by placing special emphasis on document management. In the world of real estate investment, small mistakes ruin deals. This exposes realty groups to fines and losses. Therefore, records management for real estate helps realty groups avoid legal pitfalls and lawsuits. Legal issues undermine investments. Organizing […]

Bruce Malyon|August 30, 2019

Auto Indexing Software Helps Improve Database Workflow

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Decades ago, companies digitized data by transcribing articles, customer data, and other records by hand. Believe it or not, it’s still done in some places today. However, manual transcribing data was not an effective use of a company’s time or resources. People spend hours typing on keyboards instead of spending time […]

Bruce Malyon|August 28, 2019

Document Management for Collection Firms

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Debt collection is a challenging business. Collectors work hard to turn a profit by collecting payments on late accounts. It’s not always easy for people to catch up with payments when they’ve gone past due. They either hit hard financial times, or they’re wrapped up in legal affairs that make it […]

Bruce Malyon|August 27, 2019

Document Storage for Salesforce

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Salesforce continues to grow because more companies are taking advantage of its effective software systems. The products offered by the company help businesses with lead generation and other aspects of CRM. Salesforce, as it has grown, has integrated with a large number of file management systems so users can take advantage […]

Bruce Malyon|August 23, 2019

Tips for Law Firm Document Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Successful law firm document management is done safely and effectively. Lawyers do so much reading and document management that they sometimes are drowning in paperwork. However, firms need to keep files orderly and secure to protect the best interests of their clients. Errors in sending or filing documents can influence the […]

Bruce Malyon|August 21, 2019

Ways Robotic Process Automation Improves Workflow

Posted by: Bruce Maylon More companies are turning to Robotic Process Automation to improve workflow and business efficiency. Instead of the oft-touted elimination of jobs, Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, has instead helped workers increase productivity and get more done. It’s opened the market to greater creative opportunities where workers can innovate and create. Companies harnessing […]

Bruce Malyon|August 20, 2019

The Benefits of Moving to a Content Management System for Productivity

Posted by: Bruce Maylon If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you’ve come to understand a little bit about what a content management system or CMS is. What we’re going to focus on in today’s blog post is understanding a bit more about how using a CMS can increase productivity in your organization. Here’s 3 […]

Bruce Malyon|August 15, 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management in the Future of Education

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Enterprise Content Management is important in many fields, but what about education? When we try to consider how AI and ECM could be applied to education, it’s not likely that your child’s teacher will be a robot. However, there are innovating AI processes already happening in and out of the classroom. In today’s blog, […]

Bruce Malyon|August 13, 2019

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Document Management in Raiser’s Edge

Posted by: Bruce Maylon In today’s blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how your nonprofit can use document management in Raiser’s Edge and how your nonprofit can use it to move projects forward. It’s an application that can truly go beyond What is Raiser’s Edge? Raiser’s Edge is a very versatile tool that helps nonprofit organizations. […]

Bruce Malyon|August 12, 2019

How Automating HR Document Management Can Save Time and Money

Posted by: Bruce Maylon When you think about human resources, you probably imagine processes that involve a lot of paper. What if all that paper went away? In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at four ways that HR document management can save time and money by going digital. Recruiting Document Management The recruiting process has already become […]

Bruce Malyon|August 08, 2019

Top Five Questions about Salesforce Document Management Answered

Posted by: Bruce Maylon A lot of different cloud-based applications provide CRM support, but Salesforce has set itself ahead of the rest with a variety of features to support the entire sales team. In today’s blog, we’ll answer the five most asked questions about using Salesforce for document management. Can I Use Salesforce for High Volume […]

Bruce Malyon|August 06, 2019

How to Optimize Document Management for Your Nonprofit Organization

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Nonprofit organizations start with simple ideas to serve the greater good. These organizations are usually staffed largely by volunteers. It might be time to move to a cloud-based system if you have a lot of people working. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at three tips to consider as you […]

Bruce Malyon|August 01, 2019

Workflow Automation: Picking the Right Office Processes

Posted by: Bruce Maylon In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at how you can carefully select and transition an existing process or processes towards workflow automation. If you’re running a business that has a lot of moving parts, you’re looking for ways to get work done faster. One way of getting work done quicker is […]

Bruce Malyon|July 30, 2019

How Going Paperless Will Improve Your Use of Information

Posted by: Bruce Maylon More businesses around the world are embracing cloud-based computing solutions. Many are also going paperless. In today’s blog, we’ll look at how going paperless improves your use of information through a digital document management system. Digital Documents Are Cheaper Digital document management systems save money. Offices that go paperless tend to complete more […]

Bruce Malyon|July 29, 2019

An Introduction to Document Management for Nonprofits

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Running a successful Nonprofit requires a special attention to detail. They differ from traditional businesses. In many cases, volunteers run nonprofit organizations. In today’s blog, we take a quick look at how to handle document management for nonprofits. Document Management and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002) As with any organization, good document management is […]

Bruce Malyon|July 25, 2019

Workflow Automation and the Role of Cloud Software in Increasing Quality

Posted by: Bruce Maylon The expansion of cloud software benefits the way that work flows. Automation saves time and resources. In today’s blog post, we explore how cloud software improves quality of work. Additionally, we consider how workflow automation aids productivity. Workflow Automation Goes Global Cloud software eliminates walls and boundaries. This allows for global access. […]

Bruce Malyon|July 23, 2019

Quality Assurance in Digital Healthcare Records

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Quality assurance is a key aspect of any healthcare document management program. In today’s blog, we’ll look at four ways to maintain quality standards. Document Compliance for Quality Assurance One of the main aspects to consider when enhancing quality assurance standards is compliance. Your records must comply with state and federal laws. Establishing and regularly […]

Bruce Malyon|July 22, 2019

The Importance of Information Security in Digital Document Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon More companies move to digital document management. This reduces the risks of data loss or misuse for paper documents. However, there are still risks to your digital data. In today’s blog, let’s take a look at six key concepts you should consider to ensure that business information remains secure. It Should Be […]

Bruce Malyon|July 18, 2019

Four Reasons to Use a Cloud Based Content Management System

Posted by: Bruce Maylon You’ve probably come to realize that cloud based content management is something that a lot of companies are using. If you’re not currently one of those companies or if you’re just starting to consider a move to the cloud, here are four reasons to change to actively using the cloud. Content Management Cuts Costs […]

Bruce Malyon|July 16, 2019

How Your Office Can Go (Almost) Completely Paperless

Posted by: Bruce Maylon A common workflow issue is figuring out where work documents should be kept. In the 21st century, many businesses are reducing the use of physical paperwork in favor of digital document storage. In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at three ways that you can transform your business into a nearly paperless […]

Bruce Malyon|July 15, 2019

How Document Management Maximizes Data Security and Minimizes Risk

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Document management is an easy way to increase productivity but it also serves a more important role in cybersecurity. Simply using a system to keep all documents in one secure place isn’t always enough. Data security is a key feature of any great data management system to minimize risk and give clients […]

Bruce Malyon|July 11, 2019

Using ECM to Help New Students Get Oriented to Higher Education

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Making the jump from high school to college is a rite of passage for many young people. Each student’s journey to the next step will be different academically but enterprise content management (ECM) processes can make the administrative parts much easier. Here are five things that your school should know about […]

Bruce Malyon|July 09, 2019

How Improving Internal Processes Helps Employees Work Smarter and Faster (and Improves Customer Service!)

Posted by: Bruce Maylon At the end of the day, having satisfied customers is the most important part of running a business. It’s easy to say that but how can your team achieve it? Consider how streamlining internal processes can improve workflow and customer service. Digital Forms Speed Up Customer Service One of the easiest ways to improve […]

Bruce Malyon|July 08, 2019

Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Process Compliance

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Robotic Process Automation is a growing trend in small business management. Additionally, they can reduce costs and improve compliance by using AI. With the right solution, your business can stop worrying about process and start focusing on the customer when they use RPA. In this post, we will look at some ways that […]

Bruce Malyon|July 04, 2019

Enhancing Productivity Through Process Automation

Posted by: Bruce Maylon As technology continues to expand in the business world, all business must adapt or perish. Business process automation allows key stakeholders in your company to find ways to continuously improving how employees make work happen. Some aspects of the work can become invisible and seamless. Here are a few ways that automation can improve productivity […]

Bruce Malyon|July 02, 2019

How Automation Can Improve the New Hire Onboarding Process

Posted by: Bruce Maylon The most important part of hiring an employee is getting them started. When employees are ready to work on the first day, they start their jobs happier. Happier employees stay in their jobs longer. but how can you ensure that an employee starts smoothly? By automating your onboarding process. In today’s […]

Bruce Malyon|July 01, 2019

How Document Automation Streamlines Your Workflow

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Document automation can help your business save time and money. It’s about finding the right way to increase productivity. The right program will change how things operate across your company. Increased Visibility Across the Organization Document automation means forms that are completed and used online. Leaders can see how workflow is managed across […]

Bruce Malyon|June 26, 2019

Increase Document Processing With Electronic Forms

Posted by: Bruce Maylon It’s not about the physical files–it’s about the data. When your business shifts to using electronic forms exclusively, there’s no limit to how much your workflow can improve. Here’s five ways that they will revolutionize how your company does things. Find Your Files…Immediately. One way that electronic forms will change your business is […]

Bruce Malyon|June 25, 2019

ECM: So Much Bigger Than a Digital Filing Cabinet

Posted by: Bruce Maylon ECM is more than just a digital filing cabinet for employee and client files. It provides a lot of possibilities that position your business far ahead of the competition. In many cases, the software allows your organization to take existing processes and merge them in new ways to meet the needs of […]

Bruce Malyon|June 24, 2019

Four Reasons to Use Online Forms Automation

Posted by: Bruce Maylon The business world moves faster than it did just a few years ago. As a result, it’s important to be able to keep track of all aspects of business as quickly and effortlessly as possible. One way to do work faster is to use online forms. Today, we will look at […]

Bruce Malyon|June 20, 2019

How to Boost Productivity Using Workflow

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Workflow is important to running a business of any size. It’s about completing tasks in a timely manner. It’s all about finding ways to improve productivity. The difference between being on top and being out of business comes down to being productive and organized. Today, we will look at five tips to […]

Bruce Malyon|June 18, 2019

Understanding the Fundamentals of Document Automation Software

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Document automation software drives productivity and efficiency in countless organizations around the globe. However, because the technology is relatively new, many companies shy away from committing to an automated system. Understanding the fundamentals of automated document platforms allows company leadership to glimpse the potential advances it supports. With that in mind, […]

Bruce Malyon|June 17, 2019

First Steps Toward Paperless Content Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Going paperless used to be just a nice idea. However, with the growing success of content management systems, getting rid of paper documents is an attainable goal. In fact, more companies are pursuing a paperless office than ever before, and with the tools and systems available, it is a painless and cost-efficient pursuit. […]

Bruce Malyon|June 13, 2019

Document Management Solutions for Small Businesses

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Small businesses don’t possess the quantity of resources you may find in larger organizations. However, that doesn’t mean small business tools must lack quality. One clear way to make your small business stand out from the crowd is to provide excellent, efficient, and thoughtful customer service. Thankfully, these are exactly the […]

Bruce Malyon|June 11, 2019

Enterprise Content Management – What is it?

Posted by: Bruce Maylon   Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a software tool that companies can use to help improve overall efficiency within their organization. ECM is fundamentally more than just a software solution its more of a tactical business strategy. ECM can start with the structured process of getting your information and data organization […]

Bruce Malyon|June 10, 2019

Why Paying for Document Services Makes Sense

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Critics of document management systems frequently make the argument that there are enough free file sharing services and similar tools so that paying for document services just doesn’t make sense. If this is your hesitation, it is an understandable one. In fact, the number of free document-related tools and platforms increases annually and […]

Bruce Malyon|June 06, 2019

Moving From Paper to Online Document Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon While the task may seem overwhelming, moving from a paper-based system to online document management saves your company time, money, and effort. And best of all, making the switch to digital document management doesn’t have to be difficult! Here are three ways to begin your transition to an efficient, user-friendly document management system. Evaluate […]

Bruce Malyon|June 04, 2019

Document Management Software Saves You Time

Posted by: Bruce Maylon When you aim to improve your business, it makes sense to take advantage of all the tools at your disposal. Improving your efficiency, communication, and productivity reaps benefits throughout your organization. And by taking advantage of your document management software, you’ll see increases in these areas almost immediately. Saving time means saving […]

Bruce Malyon|June 03, 2019

Four Ways a Document Management Platform Reduces Operational Costs

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Every organization looks for ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality or efficiency. With this in mind, document management platforms are great news for industry leaders. Digital document management combines a variety of tools and strategies that take over the tedious parts of office work. After automating these time-consuming tasks, most companies see […]

Bruce Malyon|May 28, 2019

Content Management Brings Efficiency to Education

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Education systems produce enormous amounts of paper documents every year. Regulations also require that schools store and dispose of past documents in very specific ways. This meticulousness and volume of records easily becomes overwhelming, causing confusion and delay. Content management systems bring efficiency and order to educational institutions. Here are three ways that […]

Bruce Malyon|May 27, 2019

Answers to Myths About Accounts Payable Document Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Automated business is becoming a way of life in many companies. In fact, automated processing is quickly becoming the norm in almost all industries. As with any newer technology, there are some who love it and others who have serious doubts. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, it is important that you […]

Bruce Malyon|May 23, 2019

Online Forms, Automation, and Growing Your Business

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Moving your company’s physical forms online may not seem like a particularly important step. After all, physical forms are familiar and transitions are disruptive. However, online forms automation is one of the most cost efficient and effective steps you can take to grow your business. Here are four ways that online forms position […]

Bruce Malyon|May 21, 2019

Revolutionize Your Customer Service with Document Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Document management platforms absolutely benefit your company. But the perks don’t stop there. When you invest in document management software, your customers benefit as well. By integrating your various software systems and keeping your staff connected and efficient, you provide your customers with a superior experience. Here are three ways that document software will […]

Bruce Malyon|May 20, 2019

Three Document Management Trends to Avoid

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Keeping your company up-to-date on the latest technology and tools can be exhausting. After all, unless tech is your industry, you probably don’t have the time and energy to research trends as they crop up. While many technological advances can benefit your company, there are also document management trends that are best to […]

Bruce Malyon|May 16, 2019

Increase Employee Satisfaction With a Digital Document Management System

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Every employer wants a staff that is content and committed in the workplace. However, not every organization is sure of how best to facilitate job satisfaction and engagement in the company. While there is no magic bullet for ensuring that your team members value their position in your organization, there are […]

Bruce Malyon|May 14, 2019

Three Reasons You Need Cloud Content Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon If you have a good, stable content management system, it may be hard to imagine why you would need the cloud. However, there are advantages to cloud content management that far exceed other forms of document software. Regardless of your company’s size or industry, cloud computing has benefits for you. Here are three […]

Bruce Malyon|May 13, 2019

13 May Using Digital Signatures in a Document Management System

Posted by: Bruce Maylon The process of collecting, processing, and protecting paper signatures is a laborious one. Add in the time you spend printing and scanning documents that require a signature, and the amount of energy you expend collecting signatures will amaze you. To solve this problem, many companies are moving to digital signatures through […]

Bruce Malyon|May 09, 2019

Business Process Automation for Regulatory Compliance

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Technology continues to advance, and regulations are hurrying to catch up. In fact, industry leaders predict that the next five years will hold continuing increases in regulation due to technological progress. To date, document management has played a large role in maintaining regulatory compliance. Moving forward, business process automation and document control tools […]

Bruce Malyon|May 06, 2019

Why Online Document Management Must Replace Traditional Systems

Posted by: Bruce Maylon The last two decades saw document management evolve and change at an astonishing rate, and there is no indication that these developments are slowing. In fact, innovators release new tools and platforms daily. In this rapidly changing environment, traditional systems of content management are costly and inefficient. To remain relevant and […]

Bruce Malyon|April 30, 2019

Essential Document Control Procedures

Posted by: Bruce Maylon A document control system exists to track all the documents within your company and ensure they are handled and used appropriately. A set of basic rules called document control procedures defines the movement, tracking, and record-keeping activities within your system. In order to ensure comprehensive document security, your procedures must cover the essential […]

Bruce Malyon|April 29, 2019

The Benefits of Using a Digital Transformation Platform

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Although most people think of technology when they hear the phrase “digital transformation,” the heart of the process is the people. No technology in the world can improve a business that isn’t driven by passionate people. This is why digital transformation makes sense. Because when you implement full-spectrum, optimized business processes, […]

Bruce Malyon|April 25, 2019

Gain New Customers With a Content Management System

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Managing the customer experience is a vital part of earning the trust of current and potential clients. Your content management system contains tools and features that will increase your customer satisfaction and your credibility with future prospects. At the same time, manage your expenses by reducing the cost of acquiring new […]

Bruce Malyon|April 23, 2019

Use Online Forms Automation to Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation

Posted by: Bruce Maylon If you are convinced of your need for digital transformation, you may be wondering where to go from here. For many companies, getting started is the most difficult part. In fact, once you begin rolling out electronic document services, you’ll find that more transformative opportunities present themselves frequently. Online forms automation is […]

Bruce Malyon|April 22, 2019

Key Attributes of the Best Content Management Systems

Posted by: Bruce Maylon As you search for document management software, you want the best possible product for your needs. Among the hundreds of potential platforms available, you will notice that the best content management systems have key attributes in common. Because these characteristics are consistent among the highest-quality platforms, you can use them as a baseline […]

Bruce Malyon|April 18, 2019

How a Cloud-Based Content Management System Increases Profitability

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Flexibility is a good indication of a successful company. This is one of the reasons that so many small and mid-sized organizations choose a cloud-based content management system. The agility a cloud-based architecture provides creates an environment that is ripe for profitability. Here are three ways that moving information to the cloud […]

Bruce Malyon|April 16, 2019

Workflow Automation in the Approvals Process

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Offices across the world waste enormous amounts of paper each year for the sake of in-house communication. In fact, the routing of documents for approval is notorious for wasting both time and resources. When you choose digital document management software, you break this cycle of waste. Workflow automation provides clear pathways […]

Bruce Malyon|April 11, 2019

Four Essential Steps for a Successful Document Software Deployment

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Investing in the best document software isn’t enough to guarantee success. In fact, unless your whole team is on-board with the change, your new software won’t make much of a difference. Software deployment should not be approached without careful consideration and planning. With that in mind, here are four essential steps to make […]

Bruce Malyon|April 09, 2019

Four Questions to Ask as You Look for the Best Document Management

Posted by: Bruce Maylon You don’t want just any document management. In fact, that’s how you end up with scattered files, incomplete projects, and a frustrated team. Instead, you are looking for the best document management solutions for your needs. But how do you know which platform is right for you? Here are four questions to assist […]

Bruce Malyon|April 08, 2019

The Top Five Document Management Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Electronic document management systems bring enormous benefits to companies of all sizes. In fact, there are more document management benefits than we could cover in just one blog post. Today, we’ll touch on five of the most obvious perks of converting your paper documents and transforming your document system. Efficiency Paper is […]

Bruce Malyon|April 05, 2019

Content Management Tools That Will Change Your Business

Posted by: Bruce Maylon There is a vast difference between purchasing software and understanding it. At MaxxVault, we make it a priority to educate our clients on the full spectrum of document solutions available to them. While not every content management tool is a good fit for every organization, it is likely you will find solutions that […]

Bruce Malyon|April 03, 2019

Why an HR Document Management System Beats Filing Cabinets Any Day

Posted by: Bruce Maylon You have filing cabinets. Most businesses do. Your HR department probably has more filing cabinets than your other departments. After all, HR comes with a lot of paperwork. It’s a necessary part of the job, and there’s no way around that. Still, doesn’t all that paperwork get in the way? Sometimes, […]

Bruce Malyon|April 02, 2019

Make your Enterprise Document Storage Systems Work for You

Posted by: Bruce Maylon When you invest in enterprise document storage systems, you want to ensure you get your money’s worth. While you could just use electronic document management as a digital filing cabinet, why not take advantage of its full range of capabilities? Don’t just use your document solution as one more tool in your […]

Bruce Malyon|April 01, 2019

Not All Enterprise Document Storage Solutions Are Equal

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Your choice to use an electronic document solution is an easy one. After all, EDMS will define document storage in the future, and you want to ensure that your company is relevant. Choosing which document software to use is a different matter. The market is full of options, ranging from free […]

Bruce Malyon|March 30, 2019

How ECM Document Management Encourages Innovation

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Innovation doesn’t happen on its own, and the creative process requires a unique set of circumstances. If you aim to create something new, your tools and environment are essential to your success. Some people think of ECM document management as a way to update old filing systems, but it offers far […]

Bruce Malyon|March 07, 2019

Four Ways to Execute HR Document Management Without Paper

Posted by: Bruce Maylon For many years, HR has been synonymous with paper. Forms to fill out, files to retain, and signatures to collect were all in a day’s work. Now, however, more companies are seeing the economic and social value of going paperless. Paper demands are a strain on the environment, and employees in […]

Bruce Malyon|March 02, 2019

Use Document Management Software to Improve Shared Services

Posted by: Bruce Maylon Communicating across departments or divisions within an organization challenges even the most efficient systems. Still, most large businesses require the ability to share data and services across departmental lines. By choosing quality document software, you improve all of your data management, including shared services. Document management software eliminates the frustration and delay in […]

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